Ashe -- 6-8+ months old


Ashe is growing like a weed.  At his nine month appt. on January 5, 2000, he was 20 lbs 8 oz and 30 in long.  That's about the 90th percentile.

I was able to "let go" this time...Dennis attended this Dr. appt. alone with Ashe.  Our poor Dr. needed a break from me breathing down his neck.

He finally crawled for the first time on January 15, 2000.  Did that take forever or what?!  He'll be walking soon.

More in about three months...that's about all the updating you can expect me to do!!

Thanks to our friend Kelly Gardner, who helped me by scanning these pictures.

This is our new favorite picture of A.P. 
That smile is so charming...

Dad_Ashe1.jpg (27642 bytes)


AsheLunch.jpg (36742 bytes)

This is Ashe in his which he never sleeps.

AsheCrib.jpg (52861 bytes)

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