Aug. 26, Washington, D. C. -- Black Cat


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Date sent: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 10:08:34 -0400 (EDT)


Subject: The DC show... Some reflections


They are truly amazing. Nels is a god. Just watching him play is an experience. During You Doo Right he was pounding on the guitar with everything at hand. The egg beater has been mentioned here, but my favorite was when he pulled one og the little stuffed animals from the speaker top and began to strum with it. Hysterical.

Bill and Kevin were also amazing. They are such great musicians. I don't know how Kevin maintains that level of energy for a whole show. Billwas drenching the audience with beads of sweat flying from his forehead as he sawed away.

As for Leyna... Jessie who?

And there was Carla. Her faced alternated from moments of rage to looks of bemusement. My favorite expression though was the one of sheer bliss that seemed to come onto her face at moments when everything was working just right.

I could go on for days about the little things I noticed during the show, but I won't. I'm not sure where or when I would stop.

I met everyone but Nels. I talked with Carla about the No Depression article (gulp). She said not to sweat it, that the article was fine and she knew I had nothing to do with its placement next to the Jayhawks article. She's pissed at the editors though. She was really very nice and just hung out and chatted for awhile.

I met Kenny (KenJoseph) there. He was great, and was taking the train to see them in Philly again the following night. Lucky guy. I want to go again.

Maybe Oberlin.


Date sent: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 23:00:55 -0400 (EDT)


Subject: DC Show/Philly Show

I'm back in Pittsburgh after the DC show Tuesday and the Philly show on Wednesday. They were well worth all the travel. One of the best things about the last two days was meeting some fellow listmembers - Sean and Wayne in DC (yeah, I know Wayne lives here in Pittsburgh, but I met him in DC) and Susan May in Philly.

The biggest surprise of the trip was Mr. Quintron. Either I wasn't patying attention, or this man's talents have not been adequately described here. He is a concert and nightclub organist from New Orleans, Louisiana (9th Ward). In both appearance and sensibilities, he's like a John Waters with a talent for music. Musically, put him in with Jesse Fuller and the other great one man bands. (Sorry, Miss Pussycat!) Like the Fibbers, he produces spirited, eclectic music that moves and soothes. Another surprise was Carla's being in the audience for Quintron and Miss Pussycat. By Philly, she must have heard them many times, but there she was, enjoying the music as much as anyone. It reminded me of something I saw in an interview where she explained she loved being on stage in the middle of all the feedback. Carla's as good at enjoying music as she is in creating it. What can I say to a bunch of fans about the Fibbers' performances? They were GREAT. As others have pointed out, Nels is a real treat and definitely adds another dimension to the band. But with the exception of You Doo Right and duets with Carla on Outside of Town (last song both nights), I don't remember him straying too far from the takes on the CD. Two Butch songs that did sound different (and better) were Trashman, where the instruments sounded a lot fuller, and Yoo Doo RIght, where Bill's bass line was a lot more present. Bottom line, though, came from Susan's friend Terri, who hadn't heard the Fibbers before. As she and Susan were driving me to the bus station (a great place at 3 AM!), Terri said that the band really rocked. And that they do. There's Carla's wonderful voice and lyrics, there's Bill's, Kevin's, Nels' and Lenya's talent. There's the quirky songs like Heliotrope. But on top of all that, the band really rocks! Sorry for such a long message, but it was a long trip! -Kenny



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