Aug. 16, Chapel Hill -- Local 506


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Subject: Chapel Hill show last night

Whew! That was quite a night!! The Fibbers were *amazing* live, I cannot get over how great of a show that was. And to think, I was so close to missing it- aggh!! So we drove an hour to get to the show and when the Local 506 finally opened the doors we got up there only to find out it was an 18+ show (originally supposed to be 21+) and they wouldn't let us in. We stood around inside the club for a minute trying to think of what to do, and right before that someone had seen Carla go into the bathroom (which just happened to be near where we were standing) and I was SO tempted to run into the bathroom and ask Carla to get us in, but then the guy at the club made us leave before I could. One of the people I was with works at the Cat's Cradle (kinda the biggest local club in Chapel Hill) so we walked there and he went in and spoke to Frank (the owner). Frank gets in his car, drives to the 506, and I don't know what he said but the club agreed to let the four of us in after that!! I just wanna say that Frank is THE man- that was so incredibly nice of him! So we walk back to the club and they let us in, finally. This band, Faustina, was opening, and they were pretty good. I had seen them open for Kaia before though, and they played the exact same songs, so it was almost like a repeat of that. We were at the front by the stage, and before the Fibbers came out, these two people started talking to us. The guy said he had flown to LA recently and saw them play out there (when he said that I started to wonder if maybe he was someone on this list...). He seemed to be pretty up on all the Fibbers news, he even knew stuff about their roadie! His friend asked how old I was and when I told her 16 she SCREAMED out "oh my god! where does your mother think you are right now?!?" Everyone started staring at me after that, hehe a bit embarassing!! Anyways, onto the Fibbers set....everything that Melanie mentioned was played, only the order was different cos I Killed the Cuckoo was the first song they did. Nels guitar playing really impressed me, I had no idea how wonderful he is live. There were times when he would play something totally random, but it sounded great with the song playing anyway. Carla was so rad, wonderful stage presence...there was one time when she was staring at me during one song for a while, and I almost felt the need to look away (but of course I didn't!) !! After the show one of my friends went back to the area where the band's equipment was being kept (he got back there by telling the person stopping people from entering "I'm with Nels" and then just walking by *LOL* ). While talking to him, he mentioned how they wouldn't let us in at first, and that we were the only people under 18 who were able to get in, and Nels was like "what assholes, I can't believe they wouldn't let you in. we're never playing here again". Ok, well I've babbled on long enough for now!! It's noon and I still need to get breakfast. Hehe




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