Aug. 6, Dallas -- Galaxy Club


Set List:


Subject: dallas show, driving carla crazy

I don't think I have posted yet, so let me sorta introduce myself. I first heard of the fibbers on the Hole Lotta Love digest (yes, for fans of the band Hole). I went and found lost somewhere, and was hooked ever since. When I got the fibbers newsletter saying there was a new album, I was really psyched that they hadn't faded into the night and not given us an alternative to absurd auditory vomit such as the spice girls and alanis (ok i admit it did like that one song about the theater blowjob). So i had the record store order me butch, despite the clerk's baffled expression. "Are you sure that's what it's called?" "Are you sure it's new?" etc. Then I found out thru the web that they would be at the galaxy club in deep ellum august 6th. WHOOOO HOOO!!! I got there way early, thinking it would get mobbed. Um.... it really didn't, which was fine with me. I got the entire band to autograph butch, and carla also signed lost somewhere and that red poster they were selling. (it wasn't hard to get her to sign so much stuff, she was sitting there with other band members, who were selling the t-shirts and stuff). On the bottom of the poster she scrawled, "This is making me crazy. Carla Bozulich." Cuz I had her sign so much shit. I hope she doesn't hate me. I don't think she does, cuz I gave her a little beanie zebra and told her it was cuz I read that she likes striped horses and she goes, "how did you find that out????" and then, "I don't really collect them or anything, I mean I have a few of them...." Then she said I was a sweetie in her autograph on the butch cd. She is SO ADORABLE!!!!! I apologized for being such a geek and she said that being a geek is not a bad thing.

Anyways, before the show, Nels was sitting in a booth adjusting his lap steel, and I sorta kinda politely asked if I could sit with him for a bit (my friend raven was sitting nearby reading the Met out of boredom). He was super nice. I told him about the list and stuff, and that the galaxy really didn't promote the show. He didn't seem too happy about that. I said that I did my own promoting though...heheh. He signed my cd, "Love and thanks, Nels". He kicks so much ass on guitar. He and carla have a lot of chemistry musically. OH YEAH by the way I got a ton of great pictures, one backstage with Ally (some sort of roadie?) and I told her to give me the finger or something and she snarled ala sid vicious. I got some really great onstage shots too. I will scan them when I have resolved some puter problems. Let's see... am I forgetting anything? Layne P. was so cute, when I asked her to sign the butch cd, she says, "oh, but i'm not on that!" I said I KNOW!!! Heheh... like I would have said, OH in that case, fuck off! She's so sweet I got a toothache, in a good way. Carla had on an "I hate homework" t-shirt and plaid pants, and her hair was bright red. Oh so then today I found that august spin and read that great article. Don't know if it was really great or if I was just so happy that they got some press from such a big mag. The pics were pretty good, I guess a butcher theme. I think the author described the music as well as anyone could. I really think it's just a matter of time before this band gets Nirvana big. I use the nirvana analogy because by all rights, there's a band that should not have gotten huge because it wasn't designed to be digested or understood by the masses, and yet it happened. Oh, Mike B, as soon as I scan the pics I'll let you know. Let's see if I can remember anything else...the encore was outside of town, and dusted. the eyeliners opened. I got yelled at by club security for taking pics after the third song.Does anyone else know about such rules? Fascists.



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