elliott portland 2/25/99


From: Suchazero@aol.com

i guess some of you thought that elliott seemed a little distressed last night. but in my opinion he seemed very focused and extremely confident. much more than he appeared to be back in september. the singing and guitar was absolutely flawless. he breezed through all the old and new songs good enough to record and put on a record. the only time his sweet shy side showed was when he said thanks and smiled between songs. but you could see the confidence in his eyes while he played, i think he is fucking proud of his music now and he knows that people love the hell out of it. and it seemed to me like he was putting everything he had into his performing.

i guess they took it seriously when people were asking for their money back the other night cuz last nights show started right on time which was bad for me cuz i showed up an hour late thinking i would still have plenty of time to get drunk before the first band. but dammit, i missed #2, and im so mad cuz they are so good. at least i have a chance to see them again tonight. i took some pics, but i don't know if they came out cuz i didn't use a flash cuz noone was taking pics. i can't wait for tonights show, i wanna sneak my camera in again but i don't know, maybe i should sneak my crappy recorder in instead. i had to put my camera down my pants last nigth cuz they were checking everyones pockets.   okay sam

From: "janice ordal" <janiceordal@hotmail.com>

I went to the La Luna show last night. That was my 11th Elliott show
(as sick as it sounds, I keep track of these things), and I was not

La Luna was close to as packed as I've seen it. It was insane in there.
I wish I would have gone into the club a little before 9:00 when I met
Jason to get my friend's ticket (thanks a lot Jason--there was a scalper
there selling them for $30), but I had to get tickets to four other
friends at a nearby bar.

We got into the club shortly into Jr. High's set. I like them.
Although I've seen Jr. High a couple times and Sean solo once, I'm
always amazed at what a rock star he is. He is so fun to watch on
stage. It was a really good set.

Elliott came on shortly after Jr. High. Sam and Pauly were playing
w/him. I guess Pauly played all three sets that night! (I thought
Janet Weiss seemed tired after the Quasi/Sleater-Kinney show in Seattle
last summer...)Elliott seemed like he wasn't that into the show. The
last few times I've seen him, he'd been so talkative and somewhat
upbeat. He was relatively quiet last night. Although he was very
gracious, he seemed down.

The regular set was the following (not in order): Bled White, Cupid's
Trick, Between the Bars, XO, Baby Britain, Stupidity Tried, Son of Sam,
Independence Day, Living Will (that's what I've heard it called), Bottle
Up and Explode (which was played a little differently than I remember it
from the September Seattle, PDX, and SF shows), Tom's Start (although
Elliott said it didn't have a name, the setlist from the September's
EJ's show called it Tom's Start), and Speed Trials.

Elliott came back by himself to play Say Yes and a song I didn't
recognize. He then came back with Sam Coomes and Pauly; and, played
Christian Bros and the new instrumental song. The Christian Bros. had a
particularly rocked up middle part. This was a really good version of

That's it. While I was there, it seemed like a very short set, but when
I look at the number of songs played, I guess it really wasn't. btw:
he's travelling in that fancy tour bus again. I love that bus...


From: Jason McQuilliams <jajamcq@worldnet.att.net>

janice's description of the show was pretty accurate. i think that all
three acts played fairly short sets just to ease Pauly's pain! he was
pretty beat after the Jr. High set... and the show ended before midnight
which is unusual for elliott.

there is one thing i thought i should add, because it's one of the
funniest things i've ever seen in my life. after the show i managed to
wiggle backstage and so i hung out for about another hour. as a group of
us were standing around talking, elliott came out of his little back
room and he had on one of those tacky blue and white baseball hats that
you would find at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. it read "i'm
the boss, that's why!" so elliott came out, hat high on his head, and
everybody of course laughed at him. he then got all crazy, and in an old
man voice was pointing his finger at everyone saying, "i'm the boss,
that's why!" he was saying similar phrases but i was too busy laughing
to retain them... it was absolutely hilarious! he then walked over and
put the hat on jr. high's bass player who fit the role more
appropriately with his "i eat meat" t-shirt. elliott laughed his way
back into his little room before returning to load his equipment into
the giant luxury tour bus(which was the subject of most of the backstage
jokes, with one liners from the other bands like "we know what we're
coming back to..."

so i left with an impression that elliott may have been a little down
but overall he was happy -- like the feeling you have after you break up
with someone you care about but you've realized that you weren't really
right for each other after all. i think he's happy to be on tour again
with his old Portland friends.

and damn if his new haircut doesn't look cute!

i'll post pictures if they come out... i didn't have the nerve to take
his picture with the hat on--damn damn damn!


From: "C. Perman" <cperman@u.washington.edu>

  just wanted to post really quick to say how cool the la luna show was.
jr high DID open, along with no. 2 and both were great. elliott was
amazing as usual, and for those of you who went to the showbox, well this
was basically the same show. "loving will" "son of sam" "stupidity tries"
"tom's start" and one he declared unnamed ("everything reminds me of her
tonight") were all played, and all get better each time i hear them. he
didn't play "white lady..." but played "between the bars" instead, other
than that, i think it was the same set, though in a slighty different
order, and they closed with that instrumental thingy that opened the
showbox show. i'll let others post the cool details, just letting you know
what went on....goodnight....

           chad perman.

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