elliott seattle end session

From: Wenchnmbr2@aol.com

hey guys, this is ambrosia, the girl who won tix to the elliott "end
session"....well sorry it has taken me a bit to write about it but here goes.
elliott was AWESOME, and he put on a great set. It was kinda short but i have
a feeling that the radio staion had someting to do with time constraints. He
only played six songs i think, rose parade, son of sam, baby brittian, waltz
#2, and two others, but i am not sure of the names. I thought it was kinda
funny he played both of the songs that are on the radio right now, once again,
i am sure the radio people had sumpthin to do with that. But then after he
finished playing we got to "meet and greet" him. VERY cool! I felt kinda
cheezy, i didn't know what to say, and i didn't want to sound like a crazed
teeny-bobber fan so i mumbled something about how good he played and i told
him my name and asked if he would sign my CD. He was so shy and timid, but i
guess it would be kinda strange to have like a line of people around you
asking for autographs. (by the way, he wrote, "to ambrosia, heart,
elliott...yay, a heart! lol) He didn't seem to annoyed with it all though.
He was quite the trooper.
So after we got our stuff signed and introduced ourselves to him, my friend
brigit and i took some pretty neat-o pics of him. It was really cool, cus he
was wearing these old school red adidas and he had can of coke between his
feet, so i took at picture of it. Maybe i am weird but i thought it was a
pretty interesting picture. Different anyway, i mean how many people do you
know with a pic of elliott's shoes? hahaha. I got some other face shots but
i wish i could have taken some while he was playing but the didn't want flash
photography in his face when he was trying to play. I guess i could
inderstand that. It was a very peaceful atmosphere too, all of these candles
and pillows on the ground where we all sat and watched in awe. he is truley
remarkable, and i was so happy i got to see him so up close and personal...
But, much to your dismay i should probably stop ramblin' on and on and on and
on about our boy. Just thought ya'd like to know how neat-o burrito, awesome
possum it was...lol, later sk8rs...

the one and only...
ambrosia (heehee)

By the way, just a silly observation of mine today, i was in the grocery store
and guess who was playing?? you got it...elliott, baby brittian. is that
crazy or what? he must be getting pretty popular to have QFC play him as
background music in their grocery store. I thought that was quite amusing.
here i was picking out my cheerios while elliott was singing...awwwww, who
could ask for anything more?? elliott and cheerios...a great combo. HAHA

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