elliott solana beach, ca 10/14/00

From: emmaline20@aol.com

I don't know anything about the single...but I do know that I saw Elliott and co. in San Diego and in Lost Wages. The San Diego show was hilarious. Elliott was pimping Grandaddy telling us we should get the cd and then declaring he was "talking out his ass." Or something to that affect. Let's see.....Elliott was in rare form, speaking much more than I have seen him speak in the past. During his acoustic set he started and promptly stopped two songs saying something about being f*ing wasted. Then he grabbed a drink of something and said "Maybe this will help." Musically, it was excellent as usual. "Needle in the Hay" sounded a lot harder this time and faster too. I was pleased as punch. I got to talk to Shon after, he's a really nice guy. He helped me get Elliott to sign my setlist

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