elliott las vegas 10/15/00

From: emmaline20@aol.com

The Las Vegas show was not as funny. Musically, it was a bit better, there was no stopping of songs midway into them, however the crowd was evil. After the first set some girl stole Elliott's lighter and then before they came on for the last song another girl stole Elliott's almost-full bottle of Jameson. He came back out and was like "you stole my drink," so after they apparently had passed the bottle around to a few people, a young lad decided to be funny and tease Elliott with the bottle, promising to give it back if he played "happiness," I think. In addition, they were smoking the cigarettes he had on the floor of the stage. Like, I have no problem "taking" things like a setlist or pick, if they're left behind, but I think what these people did amounts to theft. I mean, perhaps Elliott really wanted to smoke his cigarettes and use his lighter or maybe he wanted another swig of whiskey. Also, after the first set Elliott was being nice and shook some hands, but the above-mentioned group decided to practically pull him off stage. It was frightening. After the whiskey incident Elliott was like "well fuck you all" or something like that. Poor crowd behavior, I think. Other than that, the show was good. I'm really starting to dig Grandaddy. Can't wait to see him again...only another week or so before I get the chance, yay!

Sarah :)

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