elliott boston 10/28/00

Set List:  (Thanks Bea)
needle in the hay
son of sam
coming up roses
everything means nothing to me
bled white
stupidity tries
waltz#2 (xo)
big nothing
independence day
can't make a sound
in the lost & found
division day
say yes
colour bars
speed trials
don't fear the reaper

From: "Dave Weil" <mmpunk46@hotmail.com>

Ok, so I just saw the man, Elliott Smith, at the Avalon. Simply amazing. I've seen him two previous times and he is getting better and better (as if that were truly possible). I missed Grandaddy unfortunately cause I mixed up the start times - I won't make that mistake in NY tomorrow. The crowd was horrible - I much prefer my native philly people - these guys were dead, only showing enthusiasm at Say Yes and Waltz #2 (X/O)...very sad representation. Anyway, the set was great, ranging throughout all of his albums save Roman Candle. This is the set but not necessarily in the correct order.

Needle - Great way to start - it rocked out - I was so impressed.
Son of Sam - beautiful as always...
Waltz #2 - Great "crowd pleaser"
Division Day - Very strong performance - something to look forward to
Stupidity Tries/Can't make a sound/Happiness/In the lost & found/everything means nothing to me/Independence day/LA

Bled White - he slowly moved to the mic before moving into the next verse, forcing Sam to continue harmonizing - got a smile out of both

Clementine - I have to agree with whoever said this is hard ot recognize at the beginning -so hard compared to the album version - so great to hear

Say yes - another crowd pleaser - another great performance - first appearance of the acoustic
Angeles - beautiful, simply beautiful
I think it was Color Bars ( he definitely playd these songs - may have mixed up last song of 1st encore)

2nd encore

DON'T FEAR THE REAPER!!!!!!!!! - Blue Oyster Cult would be sooo proud of Elliott and co. Elliott said that they were "going to do a cover..." and then something about laughing about it. One of the guys from grandaddy helped on drums and some guy played the tambourine with a skull for a head - complete solos - perhaps th elongest song i've ever seen elliott play. Anyway, it was mind-blowing though I'm not sure the crowd knew what they were witnessing; I sure was. They had mini lightbulbs flashing thorugh out the song. Afterwards, I was talkign with the drummer (John?) and I asked him how long they have been doing it cause I never heard it before - he said they just started doing it so perhaps th eshows unreviewed in the past week or so also had it (DC definitely did - thanks Shwa for the review). So it was fantastic, surprising, and very fulfilling..but I just gotta get more of it...off to New York, I guess.


From: Bea Gremlich <bgremlich@yahoo.com>

Let's try this again. What a great show last night. Love the electric arrangements of the old stuff! Band was really tight. Anyone want to trade for a recent show on the latest swing of this tour? I'm looking for cd boots of shows with the new songs. I have the 10.28.00 show in Boston and listening to it right now. Recorded on md with digital mike and transfering to cd. Elliott sounded great but no new songs.

set list:

Bea Gremlich
18 Robert Street
S.Yarmouth, MA 02664

From: "Rebecca De Prospo" <RCDEP@hotmail.com> Subject: Re: Elliott in Boston

>Subject: Re: Elliott in Boston

I've reached the bittersweet end of a 3-day streak with Elliott and the boys and my exhaustion is beyond the point of comprehension. Every show I saw was fantastic, particularly last night's show at the Avalon in Boston. I think this was partially due to the fact that Elliott was drunker than he'd been the two nights previously (slugging Jameson straight out of the bottle between songs). Aside from the show, though I had an amazing experience with all of its participants. I met Jim (guitar player from Grandaddy) the night before in Towson as well as Grandaddy's tour manager and chatted with them for quite some time. The two of them made sure that everyone took excellent care of me in Boston last night. They acquired all-access passes for myself and my friend so we could go to the after party, which was amazing. I talked to everyone in both bands, with two very sad exceptions. Sam didn't show up at all which I found to be really disappointing. As Sean told me "I don't know any of these guys very well, but from what I can tell Sam hates these things." And I didn't talk to Elliott, actually which I very much regret. But I definetely had my reasons. He didn't stay long and from the moment he walked into the room, everyone was crowded around him. I just didn't want to be one of those people who fought others to buy him drinks and asked for autographs and pictures. There was this one funny moment, though, shortly after he arrived when the crowd was just starting to form and there was a gap in the people straight in my eyeline and he shot me this look accross the room like "God, help me." It was very cute. But My friend and I danced the evening away with Sean and Scott until they had to get on the bus for NY. This was to be the end of my part in the tour but then Jim from Grandaddy and their tour manager insisted that not be the case and said they would put me on the guest list for the Halloween show in Pittsburgh. Of course I couldn't turn that offer down. So I am off again on Tuesday for another few hundred miles of driving but as of yet with no confirmed company. I think the show is sold out at this point, so if anyone has been dying to go to Pittsburgh e-mail me privately and we can discuss your coming as my guest. I should have at least one extra, if not two.

Sorry to ramble on so long, but this was my best show experience to date and I know of no other forum better than this to share it with some people who I know will understand.

xo- rebecca


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