elliott pittsburg, pa- halloween 2000

From: AnDrEw ThOmAs ChReSt <mister_caker@yahoo.com>

well, i just got back from the pittsburgh show, and it was certainly one of the most amazing rock spectacles ive ever seen. to start it all off, grandaddy were strictly gurth. then, when smith and company were about to come on stage i couldnt tell if i was at a death metal concert or a wussy pop concert, cause there was all this eerie music and scary shit on the big screen. so they come out, and i couldnt believe what i saw: elliott dressed up in a monk's outfit (one of the $5 one's you buy from walmart), coomes wearing ONLY boxers and a black dracula cape, with all of his stomach and chest hair flowing in the breeze...the guitarist in a superman outfit with boxer briefs, and the drummer wasnt wearing anything special i dont think. anyway, sam and elliott both had bare feet, and it seemed as though elliott's long-ass bony white toes were going to touch me, despite the fact that i was like 5 rows back.

so the show was awesome, pretty standard shit save the costumes and the ending. on smith's last encore, he did between the bars (which he fucked up, singing "drink up baby, look at the...uh...FUCK!!!"), then he did CONDOR AVE.!!! that was so awesome until the end when he fucked up a little bit...then he did plainclothes man which was flawless and amazing, and then he closed with st. ides heaven, after telling the crowd he was going to play a happy one.

throughout the show there was unusual banter between him and his guitarist (which i chalk up to sexual tension), and he was unusually chatty, saying things like "it's halloween, let's have some fun!!" and "i'm talking out my ass...okay, i'm done.."...yes indeed it was quite the night, some may even go as far as to say it was "the best night"...

at one point, in my drunken haze, i started yelling at coomes, and i believe it went as follows: "HEY SAM...SAM!!!!...HEY COOMES, YOU FUCKING ROCK!!!" (followed by a thumbs up from me to him), to which he replied by just looking at me with the classic look of sluggish hatred, a look that i have come to know and love...

so all in all it was awesome, definitely worth the 17 bucks, primarily because those costumes were fucking priceless.


From: girlygrrrlrb@yahoo.com

hi everyone,
im new to the egroup, but not to elliott smith.
anyway, i went and saw elliott and grandaddy last night at the rangos
ballroom in pits with my dad< i got him hooked a while back too> it
was superb. there were about 1000 people there, all crowded up
standing around the "stage" the stage was only a couple feet high, so
it was like standing almost eye to eye with elliott and grandaddy. i
was 4 people back from elliott, not directly in front of him, but a
little to his left, which kinda sucked, because elliott rarely looked
our way. usually he sang with his eyes closed but when they were open
they were looking straight ahead to the distance. shy.
it was soo packed where i was standing that noone could move more
than 2inches in any direction with out touching someone, a lot of
people didnt even have room to let their arms hang to the sides,
which led to there being a bunch of people standing with their arms
crossed in front of them, bouncing up and down in one spot. from
elliotts point of view it must have been either very disconcerting,
or very funny. having your arms crossed in front of you is not the
most welcoming of body language. another thing that I found
funny/disconcerting, is that, i didnt really notice more than a
handfull of people singing along. so that made silent bouncing bobs,
like a buoy silently bouncing up and down in the ocean... i think
that there were a lotof people from the college who just came for
something to do, and a lot of new "fans"<ihatethatword> who only knew
figure eight songs.
i am so glad i got to see grandaddy, they were fab, and i wonder
how i missed them before. their music and imagery was very beautiful,
orginal, and trippy. they played their little hearts out, and i
think, impressed the crowd. at the end, there were many, many yells
for an encore. i would have liked one too, even though it would mean
waiting longer to see elliott smith. they were that good. i picked up
their cd, under the western freeway, at the show, but im dissapointed
to say that it doesnt compare. its still a wonderful, great cd, but i
think ive been a bit spoiled by grandaddy's amazing live show. oh,
well, it'll hold me off between shows... i will be seeing and hearing
more of grandaddy.
finally, after five minutes of what i think was purposely
annoying "scary" sounds, elliott came on. he was dressed in a monks
robe, with longish, greasy flat hair, and the beginnings of a beard.
i dont think ive ever seen him so skinny, which made me a little
concerned. i wonder if hes reading william bouroughs<<sp>> a little
too often... i know that look. anyway. his perfomance was
outstanding, not seeming that f@ked up in the slightest. he did just
about all my favorites< i would have liked to have heard tommorrow,
tommorow, or angeles...> and he did them Well. during dont go home
angelina<ttl> he kept on bending down for a drink, and if it was
alcohol, i dont know or even care, it didnt affect his performance at
all, which was again, outstanding. during the show someone yelled
that he looked like jesus-he kinda did, and he said, nooo, i was
tring to look like a monk. i wish i had a set list or more about
elliott, but i dont. i was really hypnotized by it all, and wasnt
thinking much. plus, i was about to pass out from all the heat,
excitement, and my low glucose level. i managed to stay the show,
barely, having, unfortunately, to sit through 2 songs. i wonder if
elliott could appreciate my suffering. my dad got a bunch of pics of
the whole thing that i will eventually post somewhere.
im planning on going to see elliott and grandaddy again tonite in
detroit, alone. im from buffalo ny, and am in ohio visiting my dad,
who cant go tonite.truth is that ide rather not go alone, thats not
much fun...is anyone else on the list going? im gonna have to start
driving in a few hours so if you could respond soon thatd be great.
im thinking of taping tonites show, so if anyone wants a tape, let me
know. well, ive got things to do now. take care
"you only live a day
but its brillant anyway"

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