elliott portland, or 11/10/00

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Yes. It was the Beatles' "Yer Blues" that he played as an encore.

Great show. I really liked Grandaddy. Sorta reminded me of a mix between Built to Spill and Weezer. Fun pop. Elliott said that everyone should buy their album, as he's been saying at every show. But, he kept saying: "they're really good. Really. I'm not joking.", as if he knew some people thought he was joking when he's said he likes them at previous shows.

Elliott was really good. The best I've heard him. It's really nice when every time you see an artist he/she gets better. He looks the worst I've seen him, though. It's sort becoming cliche around here, but I am worried about him too. What's encouraging, though, is the fact that he sounds so incredibly good. So, I guess we should all just shut up and stop speculating about what's going on with him. As if it's really any of my business.

He played pretty much what he played at most of the other shows recently. No "Don't Fear the Reaper", but I suspect he's saving that for tonight. He opened with "Needle in the Hay", which I was blown away by. He kept just playing the serious rock (!) from there (I used to love AC/DC and Scorpions, so I say rock relative to how Elliott usually sounds.). Every song sounded different since they were so rocked up - the most unusual to me being "Clementine" and "Needle". He did a bunch of other stuff - here they are, not in order: Independence Day, XO, Big Nothing, Cupid's Trick, Son of Sam, Happiness, Color Bars, Everything Means Nothing, that new one - Fond Farewell I think, Bled White, Say Yes, Stupidity Tries, Division Day, Speed Trials, and more that I can't remember.

My boyfriend is going tonight and asked what I thought of last night's show. When I told him it was just so rock-y for Elliott (solo that is). He was so happy to hear it and said how much he likes his songs, but he's wanted to hear them with a more up tempo beat...so, he'll enjoy this show tonight.

I loved this show. There's nowhere I'd rather have been on my 31st birthday!! --janice

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