elliott boise, id 11/8/00

Set List:  (thanks Travis)
Son of Sam
Needle in the Hay
Plainclothes Man
Southern Belle
Alphabet City
Independence Day
See You Later
Speed Trials
Junk Bond Trader
Condor Ave
Everything Means Nothing to Me
Fond Farewell
The Biggest Lie

Say Yes
The White Lady
Between the Bars

Second Encore
Last Call (aborted early)
Somebody I used to know (aborted early)
Somebody's Baby
Easy Way Out


From: "Travis Mantha" <modestme@micron.net> Subject: 11/8 Boise Show

On Wednesday, the 8th of November (my Moms B-Day), Elliott finally returned to Boise, Idaho to deliver a wholly acoustic performance. Mr. Smith has not shown his face in this small big city of deliciously spoiled punk rock angst since his pre-Academy awards days. The opener was Teddy Thompson. 

Elliott was a little late getting onstage and hunkered on down into a plastic green seat with his acoustic. He played an approximately 60 minute set consisting of 2 encores where he was later joined by Shaun on acoustic and stand up bass, and Sam in a BULL SHIT T-shirt. Elliott continually complained of being tired and feared that his performance was less than adequate. He sounded terrific, bettter than the old days when I had seen him as he was just starting out on the solo experience. Much more confident in voice and stage presence. Mr. Smith on several occasions asked if we wanted a cover and despite the overwhelming replies in the affirmative, never delivered. He played 2 new songs of which I have not heard yet, Fond Farewell and Somebody's Baby. The majority of tunes came off of the first 2 albums, but, did sprinkle in some XO and Figure 8, and 2 Heatmiser ditties (See You Later and Plainclothes Man). Sam did not play any instruments but did join Elliott on some half-assed back up during the encores. Now don't get me wrong, I love Quasi and think that Sam tends to be pretty kick ass in general, but, after previously watching the rock star posturing and general brooding of Mr. Eddie Vedder earlier in the week, I was non-too plussed with Sam brooding on stage giving of the appearance that he would rather be at the dentist office or beaten up - lying in a ditch. Fuck...everyone has problems, bringing them on stage with you and casting a miserable eye at the floor for 20 minutes makes me want to help them put themselves out of their apparent misery. Someone please put Sam on Prozac or give him the hug that he so desperately is searching for. Elliott seemed to be in pretty good spirits despite his voiced, but unheard exhaustion. 

The most disappointing point of the evening was that immediately after the show, Sam and Elliott took off out the side door to hold vigil in their huge touring bus. This removed any possibility of attaining a photo of Elliott and myself. I couldn't help but think of the last few times that I saw Elliott years ago where I sat 1 person down from Elliott at a bar in Portland prior to his performance. The performance before that Elliott walked with Guitar in hand right behind me to his beat up car and I was able to tell him how much I enjoyed and respected the work that he was creating, as he placed his guitar into the trunk of his car. Those days are obviously long gone. Now after the shows, it is a mad Beatle dash to the touring bus and a good night to all. I was happy to have seen him again though. My wife is suspecting that he may be battling the old H-monkey again, but, I am not so sure. Although his performance is in top form, he sure does look pretty run down these days. I did hear a rumor that he has a sponsor that is on tour with him in the bus. But, the source is not exactly reliable. Whatever the hell is going on, he still put on an amazing show. I hope he makes it back here again in the next 3 years.

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