elliott nagoya, JAPAN 12/08/00

Set List:  (thanks Mickey)

independence day
speed trials
see you later
son of sam(with harmonica)
i better be quiet now
division day
between the bars
southern belle
the white lady loves you more
sweet adeline
the biggest lie

***i don't know, sorry*** but i caught the lyric..." whisky and
beer...whisky don't kill me....".
jealous guy
bottle up and explode!

miss misery
roman candle

From: "mickey aihara" <butterfly@m05.htmnet.ne.jp>

It was the last day at last. This week was just Elliott week. It will not push by the end of today. But unlike the last visit-to-Japan tour, the London and Manchester show(1999), and the New York show, I couldn't speak to Elliott once. Although I cannot speak a great thing, I wanted to talk to Elliott...I am foolish!!!

When I went into the hall and looked at the stage, the doll of Jack( Nightmare before X'mas) was put there. Elliott said "that was a present from a fan." The doll was very cute!!!. Also its one-hand had a glass of wine, the other hand with a real tobacco. It is inserted into the finger... Jack was also on the stage during the show, and he was enjoying the show of Elliott. It was a special seat!!!

The show is started from "independence day".

I thought this time(Osaka) was wonderful. Yes, the performance is definitely great, but also the lighting is very effective...

At the time of "the biggest lie", tears keep filling my eyes. Because it was so beautiful...Elliott is enclosed by the thin line...But although the line is delicate, it is strong...the line was ... a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse makes a thin line, that outline...

Well, the first encore...

I have 2 request songs, and I was going to say, but...timing!!! I don't always the timing...always...

If it was the cover song, I wished to hear "black bird" always.

Then, from right behind, my friend shouted "jealous guy"!!! Shocked!!! Elliott should not do the cover of Beatles no less than 2 music.

Elliott called "what?" numbers of times, because he couldn't catch her voice. And she also shouts, "jealous guy" numbers of times... such a thing (she said "jealous guy", Elliott said "what?") -- about 3 times -- repeating, she said me "Please say instead of me!"... ah...

my "black bird" fly... Of course, I said instead of her... But I am sly, after calling "jealous guy", I said " I would like to black bird" in small voice. But since I was impatient too much, I omit "listen to". Under such circumstances, a meaning did not pass.(laugh)

Of course, It was "jealous guy" that Elliott performed . Elliott asked us to help the whistle's part. But my lips got dry and I couldn't whistle...Sorry!, Elliott!!

And, second encore... Elliott said "more 2 songs...". Much request flew about from the audience. I want to surely hear "roman candle", so I cried so hard. But "miss misery" did first.

After the performance finished, Elliott asked "What is good for last song?". I called "roman candle" repeatedly. And Elliott flipped it... It was "roman candle". I thought that I wanted to surely listen to that song at the last in 2000, at the century last. I know that lyrics...it was...but without it will carry over in the 21st century...a kind of mental demarcation...Do you know what I mean?? It was the wonderful performance. I concentrated the performance of Elliott...I was moved...

The show finished and I asked the staff's lady "Set list, please". She handed it to me. I was fortunate.

I was waiting for Elliott to come out outside the hall with the friend. I wrote the message to the card because I thought I was also unable to speak to him today. A autograph will be got from what...Yes, that is right!! I hit upon the good idea!!!

Elliott got down from the elevator. I ran up and asked Elliott "Please write down "roman candle" to the last of this set list". Elliott said "Yes"( or "Sure"), and he wrote it as "roman candle to mickey Elliott Smith". I didn't say my name, but he wrote my name exactly...(happy!!!) I think I handed my fan letter to Elliott at Tokyo show, I wrote that my request song is roman candle, so he can remember me...!!!( glad!!!)

Thank you very much for reading to the last. Sorry too long and too wrong...

xo mickey

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