elliott nagoya, JAPAN 12/07/00

Set List:

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From: "mickey aihara" <butterfly@m05.htmnet.ne.jp>


i'm back in tokyo now. fukuoka, nagoya and osaka... it was so long trip...sigh... and i was late to arrive the airport(osaka), i missed my fright!!!!! i had to pay more money to ride Shinkansen bullet train!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so now, i'm little tired....(midnight in Japan now) but i send nagoya and osaka's set list(but set list only...sorry!)... i hope they are correct, but if wrong, i will send correct one tomorrow(because i recorded all show on MD and tape(yes! i used 2tools!).

club quattro nagoya, japan 12.7.00

son of sam(with harmonica)
division day
needle in the hay
southern belle
between the bars
independence day
speed trials
see you later
ac/dc(a little!)
fond farewell
miss misery
the biggest lie

***i don't know, sorry*** but i caught the lyric..." whisky and
beer...whisky don't kill me....".
say yes
***i don't know, sorry*** but i think it was riot coming!!!(yes, this is my
home work!!! i will check it out, sorry!!!)
(every means nothing to me(accompaniment on the piano!!!)...but stopped to
play the song...)
(junk bund trader(piano)...intro only)
(every means nothing to me(piano)((again))...but stopped...)

junk bond trader(piano)
i didin't understand(piano)

Subject: Nagoya Show


I am not good at English.Therefore, I cannot write a hard thing. However I think that I will write one at a time about having happened in Nagoya and Osaka, respectively. Although I had such many occurrences that it cannot finish writing, My English is weak.Incidentally, I have a friend who can do English, she helps that I write a fan letter to Elliott. It is shameful one...

In Nagoya When I went into the hall, my friend(maybe yumiko?) shouted, "There is a piano!". I was surprised. It was because I have not forgotten the performance of Elliott's piano in New York. I was impressed...I never thought that I could see the figure of his once again in Japan here.In fact, before tour started, I asked the record company in Japan , "Is there a plan which Elliott plays the piano at the shows?". Although the reply was "no". Therefore the joy was also redoubling. But it already being encore, there are not suggestion of he plays the piano. why? I remembered...The time of the New York show, the audience asked that he play the piano, so I considered that we also asked him. And after performing "say yes", I took out courage and uttered voice.I do not always have the timing which applies voice, and I am poor and, as expected, I failed also this time... Although Elliott understood and nodded my voice, he rushed into playing "riot coming". Sigh...(Although I was so surprised and glad that it was the first time I lisstened to "riot coming" at show.) However next moment Elliott spoke a few, and walked to the direction of a piano. wow!!! The music which Eliot regulated the microphone stand and his finger began to flip was "every means nothing to me"!!!!! He took time in adjustment of a microphone stand very much.(I smiled) But, he stopped flipping immediately...And next, it is "junk bond". But he also stopped this. and once again "every means..." But he also stopped. Elliott said "OK, Let have to be instrumental...sorry "(?). And he performed "bye". It was so beautiful...truly...I was moved deeply...Yes, I listened to it also in NY...First encore will not be pushed with this music. Elliott appeared on the stage to respond to second encore. He is a challenge once again at "junk". Although I thought that it was performed completely, he has stopped at the last. WHY? Elliott tried to perform once again after having murmured "shit", but he was not able to do. By my friend's talk, at that time there was someone who took a photograph from audience side.Elliott has been discouraged concentration power by the light of the momentary flash turned to the stage which darkness was governing...It was a sad talk.(but I didn't find such a thing happened...) It is really hard to bring a recorder material into a venue in Japan. I had hidden using the nerve nery much...

And he changed his mind and played "i didn't understand". I raise voice involuntarily. Since I was very glad...happy... The sound of a piano and Elliott's voice, the both were also really great... fascinating sight...

I am glad if I can transmit that Nagoya's show was how wonderful by this bad English writing. I'm sorry that I don't have a time to write about Osaka now. Tomorrow I will try...

xo mickey


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