elliott l.a. 2/17/00


1. Son of Sam
2. Pretty Mary K
3. Happiness(Tom's Start)
4. Southern Belle
5. Between the Bars
6. Waltz# 2 (XO)
7. LA
8. Easy Way Out
9. Angeles
10. Coming Up Roses
11. Somebody I Used To Know
12. Last Call
13. Nighttime (Big Star cover)
14. Say Yes
15. St. Ides Heaven
16. Division Day
17. Rose Parade
18. Needle In the Hay
19. The Biggest Lie
20. No Name # 1

From: jim meronk <jmeronk@yahoo.com>

elliott was excellent last night and seemed in good
spirits to boot. he opened strongly with son of sam,
and the show just got better from that point.
happiness sounds great acoustic. all of the new songs
were fantastic, and his choice of material was great -
although he only did waltz #2 from xo. i'm certain
that a large part of the audience already have early
tapes of figure 8, since half of them sang along with
the new songs that i only knew the titles of. that's
l.a., though. anyway, here is the song list -
unfortunately not in order and it has some gaps in it.
i didn't have a pen :(

son of sam
southern belle
last call
needle in the hay
coming up roses
satellite (did i imagine this?)
st. ides heaven
the biggest lie (the 2nd to last song)
between the bars
rose parade
say yes
somebody that i used to know
everthing reminds me of her (i think..)
easy way out
pretty mary k
division day
+ at least four more songs, either new or b sides i
don't know or covers

that's it. all in all, an amazing show.


From: "Melanie" nitesite@sunletter.com

The show *was* great... Elliott is so amazing live. Being able to see him do
those songs live was fabulous. I can't remember the whole set list, but I do
remember these: Say Yes, Easy Way Out, Somebody That I Used to Know,
Happiness, Pretty Mary K (I think... did I imagine that?), Son of Sam,
Between the Bars, Rose Parade, Needle in the Hay, St Ides Heaven, The
Biggest Lie, Last Call (I was *so* thrilled to hear that live!!), Waltz #2,
Division Day, and I think Southern Belle (although that's another that I
might have imagined.).

Wow. That's a lot of songs, and I know that's not the complete list. It all
went by so fast...

My only complaint is the choice of venue. Don't get me wrong, the Roxy is
quite the cool place. But for an acoustic show I would have *much* preferred
seating. Or at the very least, a stage higher up so that you could actually
*see* Elliott perform. Seating though really would have been much better -
especially since it was sold out. It was so hot in there... I really was
about to pass out just after Whiskey Biscuit finished. (What is up with the
Bono looking guy and his 20 different percussion toys that he was never
actually on the beat with?? And did the singer learn stage behavior from
Thom Yorke or what? Yeah, I wasn't too impressed with them.)

It was very cool getting to meet you guys, even though I didn't get a chance
to hang out with most of you too much. (I didn't want to be a big loser and
cut in line after I found my friend and Katie, so we went to the end.) I saw
Jason for one second after - but I didn't see the rest of you. Did any of
you get together after?

Ok. I'm ready for the next tour now... :)


From: Nosferatu242@aol.com

Hey people!! The Roxy Show was excellent. He played a lot of the old ones,
which surprised me since at the Maxwell show he played mostly new stuff. He
played Nighttime from Big Star - that was phat. Off the new album he played
Pretty Mary K, Somebody That I Used To Know, and LA. He did an insane
version of Southern Belle (which he also did at the Maxwell's show). Right in
the middle of Waltz#2 he coughed and laughed because he missed his line, but
kept on playing...it was great. And instead of saying his usual.."Do you
wanna hear a sad song or a happy song?" , he said..." Do you wanna hear a new
song or an old song?" Then he played Somebody I used To Know. I think someone
also asked him to take his sweatshirt off and he said it was "..too much
trouble." Then in his encore he said.."OK, I think I'm good for like one
more." He seemed very nervous, a lot more so than @ Maxwell's. I could even
see his hands shaking. I felt sorry for him, after every song there were tons
of people yelling thirty different songs at once that they thought he should
play. I don't know how he could hear himself think. At one point of
frustration I yelled out.. " Don't listen to these fools...play what you
want, bro!" and he smiled and laughed. It felt good to give him back some of
the happiness he delivers everyday to me. Then as the show was nearing it's
end I worked my way through the sardine packed fans to the door of backstage.
As he came off from his first encore I got him to stop, smile, and shake my
hand. It was great...to say the least. So anyway here is the setlist in
order.....and PS: Thank you Jason for tix to an awesome show!!!
1. Son of Sam
2. Pretty Mary K
3. Happiness(Tom's Start)
4. Southern Belle
5. Between the Bars
6. Waltz# 2 (XO)
7. LA
8. Easy Way Out
9. Angeles
10. Coming Up Roses
11. Somebody I Used To Know
12. Last Call
13. Nighttime (Big Star cover)
14. Say Yes
15. St. Ides Heaven
16. Division Day
17. Rose Parade
18. Needle In the Hay
19. The Biggest Lie
20. No Name # 1

The Invisible Man...

From: linda <bellaceti@yahoo.com>

wow that was an awesome show - i wish i could've met
you guys who were at the show last night... who knows,
maybe i was standing next to some of you.

my hubby & i scribbled down the setlist in the car on
our way home - it's not in exact order but most of it
is correct. elliott looked really good (even smiled a
few times!), his hair looked lighter and he wasn't
wearing a beanie(!). he took SO many requests and
played over 20 songs. i didn't see Edward Norton but
I saw Brian Bloom (sitcom star from the 80s) and my
friend saw Alyssa Milano.

it was amazing, it a hot, stinky room full of hundreds
of people and at moments it was just so quiet. you
hear nothing but elliott and his guitar.

anyway here's what we wrote down, not necessarily in
correct order:

son of sam
pretty mary k (new)
southern belle
between the bars
waltz no.2
LA (new)
easy way out
coming up roses
somebody that i used to know (new)
last call
st. ides heaven
(a cover song - i think it was by big star?)
division day
rose parade
biggest lie
say yes
needle in the hay
no name #1


From: FunKrusher@aol.com

Bet that got your attention huh? The Roxy show actually didn't suck at all
but there were a couple of slight incidents before and during the show that
irked me to no end. I'm sure that this will be a long post but hopefully at
least mildly interesting. Skip it if you're short on time.
As my wife and I walked up to the line we were immediately asked by an
African American male who had a handful of tickets (at least ten) in his hand
if we needed tickets. This pissed me off right off the bat. I said no as I
shook my head and let out an exasperated breath that I'm sure let him know
that I was disgusted by what he was doing. I imagine that I should have
expected it but I really have never had to deal with scalpers at the shows
that I usually go to in SF. He proceeded to ask me if I had any extra
tickets. I told him, no. The fact is that I had two extras that I planned
to make someone happy with by selling them at face value at some time before
the show. The quicker the better. I just needed to see ANY two people who
needed tickets. Two people walked right past me that I assumed were going to
get in line behind me but instead they walked up to "that guy" and started
pulling out their money. I considered going over and offering them my
tickets but my wife didn't want me to cause any trouble by disrupting this
guys "business." I asked two girls who were in front of me if they needed
tickets or knew anybody who did. They weren't happy that I offered them my
tickets at face value after the ridiculous amount that she said they had just
paid for theirs. Well, now "that guy" was talking to a shady, dirty looking
long haired friend of his about two tickets to some other show "the friend"
had sold for $600. Apparently though he was near enough to hear me offer the
girls my tickets so he comes up and asks me how much I want for my tickets.
I told him that I wouldn't sell them to him. He asked why so I explained
that I would rather give them away then let him make a single buck on them.
He kept telling me to name a price but I told him that it wasn't gonna
happen. I said that I'd rather hook up a fellow fan than sell them to him
for $100 buck a piece. So he says oh a fellow fan OK. So he walks off and
comes back with a "fellow fan." It's mister "shady long hair" who was
bragging about his $600 sale two minutes earlier. I looked at both of them
and asked how stupid I looked. So they just walk off laughing. Then it
happened. "Shady friend" comes walking up and says "hey, here you go here's
two fans for you to hook up." So this guy and girl who look like your
typical indie rock fans ask me for tickets. I asked them who they are for
since I had an uneasy feeling about people that "shady friend" might send me.
They assured me that they were for themselves and they said that they were
desperate for tickets so I pull out the tickets and they start pulling out
money. I explained to them that I had just rebuffed "shady friend" offers
and as their gathering their money they say. Oh yeah. We just have to give
him $10.00 for hooking us up with you! WHAT!?!??!? I couldn't believe it!
I asked them why that dumb ass should make any money off of tickets that I
wanted to sell at face value. I asked this while looking directly at "shady
friend" who was about ten feet away watching the deal and said it loud enough
for him to hear. He sort scampers off really quickly. But I was stuck!!!
The guy and girl just keep telling me how bad they want the tickets and
asking me to PLEASE sell them to them. Whatever. I gave them the tickets
and seethed the rest of the time that I was in line. I got rooked by "dirty
shady friend." The weird thing about this whole thing is that for some time
before the show I considered putting my two extra tickets on eBay. I
obviously decided against it knowing that it just wasn't right. Then when
this whole incident went down I didn't know whether to be disappointed in
myself for ever considering the eBay route or whether I should have just done
the eBay thing since some crook still made money off of me and I didn't make
anything. Well, I guess that at least I can sleep at night knowing that I
tried to do the right thing.
Well, the other incident was typical. Some rude ass chick who pushed her
way all the way to the front right before Elliott started. The good part was
that a few guys who were around her started telling her that she SUCKED and
how rude she was. She insisted that she was "Elliott's friend" and that "he
would want me up here," "I'm only doing it for him," she said. You know the
funny part is that EVERY time that this happens to me it's a girl who does
it. I'm not saying that only girls do it. Only that it's always been girls
in my experiences. I guess they figure that I guy is not gonna do anything
about it since guys can't hit girls right? Again, whatever. I just figured
I'd seethe some more until Elliott takes all of this frustration away.
Well, believe it or not I did enjoy myself. The show was incredible. (See
other reports for the set list.) Elliott was in perfect form. The new songs
were incredible. 'LA' is up there with his best songs. He looked pretty
healthy. I think he's put on a pound or two, nothing dramatic. He seemed to
be in a pretty good mood. The crowd was definitely on the loud side not
during songs but between them. He didn't seem to let that get to him. In
fact, you could hear the proverbial pin drop during some of his songs. Then
again on some songs I could hear the crowd singing along almost as much as I
could hear Elliott. Someone mentioned something about pictures being taken.
And in my opinion this did border on rudeness. A couple of times Elliott
even appeared to wince as these atomic flashes went off right in the middle
of his delicate songs. It would seem to me that it's possible to get
perfectly good looking pictures when he is between songs but...oh well. If I
think of anything else I'll post later.
Well I think that's it for now,

PS~ I meant to write a note to the list before the show saying what I'd be
wearing so that I might meet some fellow listers but I didn't get a chance
to. I got in a bit of a hurry, I had to make a 5 hour drive. I think that
I've met Lisa once before with Charlie but I didn't recognize her. Sorry
Lisa. Well, I was only about three people away from the stage pretty close
to the middle. I'm a Mexican male. I was wearing beige cords, a cheezy
looking green thrift store T-shirt that says "Chanel Paris" in white on the
front (my favorite t shirt) and a gray zip up sweatshirt. I was with my wife
a short light skinned Mexican chick with short curly hair. She had on a
shirt that said "twinkle" in rhinestones on the front. We could have been
right next to some list members and not known it. Bye.


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