elliott paris 4/3/00

Set List (thanks Agnes):

son of sam
southern belle
easy way out
rose parade
pretty mary k.
needle in the hay
colors bars
wouldn't mama be proud
between the bars
last call
somebody that i used to know
the white lady loves you more
say yes
encore1: angeles
(guitar tuning)
ballad of big nothing
independence day
encore2: division day

From: "Agnes Languedoc" alanguedoc@ifrance.com

the concert was great. Elliott was smiling between the songs but found
embarassing not being able to speak french. he has a new question: after "do
you want a happy or a sad song?" (he didn't ask this one) and "do you want
an old or a new song?" (he did ask once), it's "do you want a cover or
not?". that how he ended up with 'nightime'. no aborted songs this time. he
only made a mistake at the beginning of 'happiness' (or 'southern belle', i
can't remember) which made him smile. and he played twice the beginning of
'division day' because he wasn't okay with the tuning of his guitar (he
changed the tuning for the two previous songs).
it was so amazing to see him in acoustic in a small venue that i can't
believe that the next time it'll be with a full band in a big venue.
anyway...it's always wonderful to see him.

From: VITE Philippe philippe.vite@gep.fr

My own story of asking songs -------------------------------------------

I saw Elliott in an acoustic solo at La Boule Noire, Paris a few weeks ago, with Christophe and a few friends. Christophe and I are really huge fans, and we use to try to play his songs one after one (we both play guitar and sing). I can tell you we were really excited !!!! It was a small concert room (less than 200 people), and we were really close to him.

Most people were big fans and asked for old songs (i heard some one ask for "painclothes man "). Others didn't understand why someone aked for "some song", which i found pretty funny.

I had the feeling that people were "snobs" as we say in french, in the way that they tried to ask the most unknown song, (so as to be the biggest fan and say to Elliott, you see ? I want this mysterious song everybody but I probably forgot).

I had also the feeling, that Elliott didn't to people who yelled at him. I remember every body crying, and a very clam voice asked for "Angeles". And i saw him put his capo on the 7# fret and started it... It happened several time during the show that he did the song asked by the most little voice...

As far as I am concerned, I wanted Clementine, 'cause it's one of my favourites, and nobody else asked for it, and above all, i thought there was very little chance Elliott did on his own, 'cause it doesn't seem to be used. I cried it in a weird and stupid voice (CLEMENTIIIIINE) in a moment nobody else was crying. And just after me Christophe cried in a VERY weird and VERY stupid voice '' CLEMENTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE'".

And it made Elliott laugh, and then everybody.

Wow ! we had made Elliott laugh.

The end of the story is : he didn't made Clementine.

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