elliott philadelphia 5/13/00

setlist:  (thanks Stephanie)
ballad of big nothing
independence day
everything means nothing to me
son of sam
junk bond trader
in the lost and found
cupid's trick
stupidity tries
pretty mary k
bled white
can't make a sound
1st encore:
color bars
wouldn't mama be proud?
baby britain
2nd encore (solo):
between the bars
st. ides heaven

From:  Zucchini4@aol.com

I guess this is the first tour where they were able to use a piano, so that was really cool, getting to hear a lot of the songs on piano. The vocals all sounded really nice, very pretty harmonies.The stand out songs were stupidity tries (they extended the ending, it was very "rock") and can't make a sound (the drummer from Whiskey Biscuit came onstage, so there were two drummers playing). Elliott played the solo songs on an electric guitar, and they seemed a little speeded up. Not in a bad way though. The only song he used an acoustic guitar for was color bars. The band seemed to be in a good mood too, which always makes it better. I could go on and on, like "wow! it was so much fun! it was so good!" because of course it was, and Elliott Smith shows always make me all googly. But those are the relevant details I guess...


From: emmaline20@aol.com

I went to see Elliott in Philly on Saturday at the Trocadero. Being 21, I had
the luxury of sitting upstairs, all the way on the right, as close to the
stage as possible. Excellent show...although, I just couldn't get in Whiskey
Biscuit. The music was good, the lead singer, however, reminded me of the guy
from Buckcherry, bleck. Prior to the show I saw Sam and I"m assuming it was
Aaron talking with a member of their crew perhaps and holding bikes. I was
going to stay longer to see if I could chat, but the wafting smell of garbage
was enough to make me gag and seek some fresher air.

I"m going to see Elliott in Vermont this weekend, yay!

Sarah :)

From: StIdesMoon@aol.com

So, it's three times the charm, right? Well, then four times must be the charm plus a trinket to match. I'm hoping the magic of seeing/hearing Elliott live will never fade, as it certainly hasn't done so yet.

Last night's show at the Trocadero in Philadelphia was absolutely brilliant. Might I say fucking brilliant?

This band is probably the tightest ever for Elliott--that is, tightly run, very together. Of course that doesn't mean anything was over-polished. Elliott is still lovable Elliott, screw-ups and all. There were a few off-notes, and the keyboards and guitar weren't in tune here and there (mostly resolved after the first few songs). This may sound like a complaint, but, no, I love it. It's demonstrative of how genuine and human Elliott is. To quote Ms. DiFranco: "let's do it all imperfectly."

We were treated to more sweet backing vocals from Sam, plus lovely additional vocals from Aaron (the man who must be part lizard or some coldblooded critter, for how on earth could anyone wear a wool sweater in yesterday's muggy weather??). I would love to see Elliott play the keys (all together now: Rachmaninoff, piano concerto no. 2!), but Aaron was much more than merely competent. He added those lovely missing extra guitar sections too, such as the oscillating solo part of "Cupid's Trick." And Scott of Sense Field is a wonderful drummer. Truth be told, I miss Janet's perfectly complementary back up vocals... and Paul... well, Paul <swoony grin>.... However Scott fills both their shoes on the skins. Eh, but enough with cliches and euphemisms already.

Did I hear Elliott right? "Do you wanna hear a fast song, a slow song? a loud song, a quiet song? a sad song, a happy song? a tall song, a short song?" heehee. Cute. How about a medium song? A long tall shorty? (never mind me... I haven't had enough sleep)

There was no mention of the cold. I assume Elliott is over it, or dealing with it quite well. He seemed just fine. Maybe he's been walking in the sun lately. I noticed a tan line peeking out above his wristband. And for those of you keeping score, the t-shirt of the night was a black short sleever with a sketch and a swoosh of a limo with the words "Limousine Service" all in white on it.

Oooh, and all those winning smiles. Is anything more delightful than seeing those sweet dimples crop up? I can't think of anything... well, okay, the music!

Here are the songs, ordered chronologically (what else):

Ballad of Big Nothing
Independence Day
Everything Means Nothing to Me  [:::sigh:::]
Son of Sam   [silly silly, I have this strong impulse to stare at Mr. Coomes
during this song]
Junk Bond Trader
In the Lost and Found (Honky Bach)    [ahhhh]
? new song  [very interesting melody and nice pounding drumbeat... I couldn't
make out the lyrics very well, unfortunately... yes, a pristine sound system
at the Troc!]
LA   [I fell in love with this when I heard him play it live, acoustic at the
North Star... but I'm in love with the "rock" version too. Amazing piece.]
Cupid's Trick
Stupidity Tries
Pretty Mary K
? new song or cover  ["sunshine's been keeping me up today" Is this "Ugly
Before" perhaps?]
Bled White  [Some guy yelled out something right before this. I'm not sure
what he shouted, but Elliott smiled in response.]
Can't Make a Sound
first encore:
Color Bars  [an appearance for the Gibson acoustic]
Wouldn't Mama Be Proud?
Baby Britain  [instead of closed or gazing downward, those baby blues were
staring straight ahead for this number]
second encore (all solo and electric):
Between the Bars
St. Ides Heaven
Thirteen  [the little grace notes on "black" and similar words just thrill me]

And with a wave of his curled fingers and a thrown kiss, that was all.

All in all, a glorious show. Hmmm, high on the sound indeed... I still am....


p.s. Whiskey Biscuit left me a little unimpressed. They're competent enough (with the exception of the rhythm guitarist who needs to learn more than just bar chords), but I guess they just weren't my thing. :::shrug::: Win some, lose some.

From: aims2377@aol.com

That is completely silly. Boy you really read into the looks Aaron and Eliott gave eachother. I saw Ellott tonight at the Troc in Philly and it was great. And Aaron was amazing. (if anyone one was there..I was the idiot in the balcony yelling aaron every now and then between songs) I thought he played great. Yes, I also noticed the looks they gave each other but I think it was a total musican bonding thing. I've been around musicans who totally click when they play, and some that did not, but that doesn't mean they have a sexual desire or tension. That's the silliest thing I've heard. I have only heard a little about Aarons musical background and it probably was a great honor for him to be playing with Elliott and probably learning a lot from him. I'm sure you were joking. I would hope you were joking. They play great together and Sam Coones was so quiet yet played great also. Anyone know who the drummer is?

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