elliott san francisco 5/18/98

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this is my first experience at an elliott show, this before i did my site and all that i hope you like and understand it (hehehe lots of mistakes) its long too, but its kinda hard not to be excited and share it with everyone. bye xo charlie

when i got to the bottom, a line was starting to form and my friend, john and i decided to take walk since we already had tickets and our friends mandy and jacob were not there yet, so we went for a walk and we meet this rad person amber, she was looking for tixs and we had none but finally we got in line and hanged out. There was a lot confusion concerning getting on the list for extra tixs because it was sold out originally, so they started and by the time we found out they wouldn't take amber's name! It sucked but she decided to stay and wait it out, well as we were talking i saw someone going in and out of club that looked very familiar to me! it was killing me who is this cool person that looks familiar? I had heard about sam being in quasi which i thought heatmiser songs? Yeah!! But geez she looks so familiar, so i watched her come in out as we were talking trying to figure it out, the time got closer the club separated the line into a line with and without tickets, so amber had to go hang out in that line. So i waited talking to john and finally we got to go in but the line that was without tickets was no longer there, we were sad because we thought amber left!

Anyway we get inside there is actually a good number of people already in. we looked around and didn't see amber, bummer, so i checked out the stuff for sale when we came in, they had all 3 elliott cds, division day 45s, birddog stuff and quasi stuff. I was hoping for some elliott t shirts but maybe next time, oh i have to go back when we were in line i finally heard who that person was i saw going in and out it was janet weiss in quasi! Ahhhh, it connected and i freaked because i love sleater kinney's new dig me out!!!!!! This night is was going to be cool! Anyway i didn't buy anything but janet was hanging out where they were selling records, first i get nervous because i feel bad if i don't buy any other stuff by the other artists and janet was right there the whole time! I was too nervous to go and buy stuff, so i asked my friend john to buy the division day 45 for me and ask about t shirts because i was too nervous. Anyway he got me it and amber came up, she told us they let them in with no problems yeah! well we hanged out as birddog was getting ready, thats when the first sighting of elliott happened, amber saw him at the bar and told me and i looked and stared and she told me don't look and stare! hehehehe It was cool, he was ordering a beer of course! So i turned around and left him alone.

Well it started to get crowded and birddog came on they were great especially with the cello i heard the record and there is no cello, but its still cool. Well they played but of course they felt ignored even though they weren't, making comments that were kinda negative but i loved their music and i would see them when they come again.

Quasi then came on and they blew me away too, i had heard of sam but i never really had a feel of anything that was a part of heatmiser except for elliott, it was cool, sam played piano, synth, whatever with a lot of emotion behind it, very sexually emotion, but cool anyway. I really have not seen anyone be one with his instrument as good as sam is. Janet's druming was soooo sweet. She has to be one the greatest in the world and i have ever seen and it looks so easy to her, too cool to see her smiling behind the kit loving it, i want to see her in sleater kinney too but this was a good fix, of course sam jokingly commented to everyone that he knew why everyone was there and it was funny because the boos and shut ups started because everyone was liking their music too! Also elliott made an appearance during their set to play bass and the synth.

Well that brings us to elliott, he came on stage and was ready to play, the whole club got quiet like a sermon was about to be preached and it was. I am going to cheat because sean gave me the set list and by the way jacob and mandy made it by the set, i gave them the wrong directions that i got from yahoo and made them late! So the first song, usually remember the first things in life and this was it and eventually everything became a blur. The first song was angeles. It is the song that got into elliott and made everything in life and so on come full circle, it was my night. So great and from that moment i was in a trance trying to take the emotion in and forgetting about what the song is called or whatever. The crowd was cool very quiet through the set except when people wanted to yell out songs or be funny, someone asked elliott to do the celine dion song and someone else asked if she is cool, i asked for 245am, but no dice oh well. Then i reconized division day because i got the 45 that night. Waltz #2 a new one at the time, you just knew that this was a new one and what a cool one it was. Gosh the line " i'm never gonna know you know but i going to love you anyhow" meant a lot to me in different ways, i knew this was a great song and now its the single of the xo record! I remember alameda, st ides heaven someone requested it. Say yes, one of my favs, coming up roses, i thought it was so cool he played jealous guy because i had heard it on casey's site, but i thought it was cool in mid set quasi came back and played with elliott and the song that i just thought was a cool surprise was the beatles im so tired, that was cool and of course i guess he played tons of new songs, maybe at the time i thought they were covers, see how clueless i was i thought i was in a dream!

Well the show ended, he came back for one encore, that was cool, the show was awesome and a dream. As the crowd was taking off we decided to hang because just in case. It was me, john, amber, mandy, and jacob and all we did was hang out in the pool room because they had all these cool pics of past performances and heatmiser was in one or two of them, we also waited where elliott disappeared to, my friend jacob wanted him to sign his lyric book and i wanted to get my 45 signed but i get so nervous especially for people i love and respect, before we went into the pool room elliott left his guitar on stage and i looked up there staring at it and looking for any evidence of a list or picks, i wanted to grab his guitar and go but it was only a dream i would never do anything like that :P....maybe...so finally elliott appears, as he was walking by it looked like he saw someone he knew and so i didn't go anywhere i still didn't want to go anywhere, plus i was at angle i couldn't see what he was doing. Suddenly jacob gets up and announces to us he was going for it, i followed suit because if elliott was going to deny us jacob would get the brunt of it...i know i am chicken! But jacob got his signed and then i nervously said something like hi elliott will you sign my 45? And he was cool enough to put his beer down and sign it, he asked me my name and said charlie and he wrote: to charlie (heart) elliott. I thanked him and left him alone, but my friend mandy went and told him that its a beautiful show and he was shy about it and my friend john did the same but actually touched him on the shoulder when telling him. Elliott said thanks to him too. Amber just watch, probably in disgust hehehehe, us 4 gushing over elliott, i am sure she had her moment, though! It was cool i got to see elliott and hear one the greatest musicians out there, hang out with 3 of my friends, and meet amber! I even got to meet bryan who was at the same show but i meet until later. When we compared notes on what elliott signed on their's and mine, jacob, bryan and i think his friend david got xo, elliott, but i feel really special because i got a heart from elliott. Fate? I hope so :) What an experience, i wouldn't trade it for the world because i can say one of the greatest day and a day where life was good to me and let me smile was may 18, 1998!!

xo charlie


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