elliott on npr 5/19/00


From: "the enemy is you" waltz2@hotmail.com

did u guys hear the npr show? here is a link to it with the usual misspelling of his name:


(this is a link to the real audio of the interview - thanks charlie)

i might as well warn u, the interviewer's monotone voice will put u to sleep and you wont find anything new :( the usual redundant questions appear like the oscars! hehe blah! for an industry who are against plagrism, there is a sure a lot articles and interviews out there about elliott with the same stuff in it. they also asked the new redundant question about if son of sam is about the real son of sam, david b. i think the interviewer also talks about a song called mother? and then it goes into a clip of somebody i used to know. i could be wrong. i figure if i had to suffer it you all should too

:P xo charlie

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