elliott burlington, vt 5/20/00


Set List:  (thanks Michelle)
son of sam
bled white
junk bond trader
everything means nothing to me
cupid's trick
stupidity tries
bottle up and explode
lost and found
pretty (ugly before)
independence day
ballad of big nothing
color bars
can't make a sound
wouldn't mama be proud
I me mine
easy way out
between the bars
St ides heaven


From: M Wallace michellewallace@earthlink.net

Okay. so I went to the sound check at higher ground. It was in process when I got there but I heard cupid's trick, just between us, sweet Adeline, another from XO I can't remember which, color bars and a lot of fumbling around playing little riffs of things. at one point as they were finishing Sam did a funny little dance and 'twas tres cute. It was great because there were about 8 people who worked at the club setting up for the night and not paying attention, band members and roadies, and my friend and I sitting at the bar feeling like we got our own private concert. that's it. I didn't meet him or introduce myself but it was just super great to be there anyway. It was also great to hear the sound like that. It's amazing how much a full room of people changes things. It just sounded way more real at the sound check. elliott checked first and mostly played full songs. would play it half way through and then play it all the way through. wiskey biscuit on the other hand might have been practicing where to stand or something cause they spent a 45 minute sound check playing next to nothing. I was so curious to hear what they sounded like and they didn't play a single darned measure until the very last moments of their sound check. they where funny though; I liked them. There were 7 of them. So non-formula which is good. they said they put out the record themselves and are from LA. Jason, the singer, is in the strange parallel movie as one of the faux filmaker/interviewer guys, the shorter one with spiky brown hair. Okay cute thing to note here from the sound check is that elliott has some lovely pink guitar and amp cases with his name handwritten on them. you see the amp cases on stage and I also saw them wheeling around the guitar cases during the sound check. he also had a wickedly bad case of hat head (so cute) which seemed to improve by showtime.

show itself. elliott seemed in good spirits. as mentioned by others, the addition of aaron to the mix was awesome. I hope he becomes a regular to the es lineup. loved sam's harmonies and that crazy standing with his legs crossed looking like he'll fall over thing. elliott didn't talk that much but a couple times asked what people wanted to hear. I asked for a new song and he said "okay, this one's a new song" and played pretty (ugly before) which I love. that was the only new song hey played so at least I got to hear just between us at the sound check. 

From: "Flora Reed" flora_reed@hotmail.com

awwww yeah. What a great night! The Vermont show was wonderful-- the venue small, the crowd enthusiastic and polite, and Elliott seemed very relaxed. There were many smiles exchanged between him and the band members.

I have seen Elliott 4 times and this was my favorite show. I was right up front (I could see Sam's set list!) so that really made it much more wonderful for me. I think I saw Michelle grooving towards the center of the stage with an orange cap on??? I was too much in my own little world afterwards to come introduce myself. I was in the very first row right, directly in front of Sam with an orange short sleeved shirt and dark medium length hair.

My only complaint is that I wish he played the two other new songs that others have talked about, but Pretty (Ugly Before) was soo good... I must cut this short, but again, this show was intensely magical.


From: emmaline20@aol.com

After seeing Wiskey Biscuit for the 2nd time in Vermont, I'm still unsure
about them. If someone could help me out with the guy who plays the
tambourine/maracas, etc...please!! I just don't get him. Oh...and who asked
the front man to take his shirt off?! I was praying his pants wouldn't fall
any further than they were...which were quite low on his hips. Being at the
front, it would not have been pleasant had they slipped all the way down.

Let's see....Elliott was thoroughly enjoyable as usual. How often does he
wear the limo shirt? :) I hope he washes it. It was the first time I was able
to hear the cover of "I Me Mine" and I really liked it. Do you think that Sam
and Elliott have some sort of inside joke going on? I noticed that they would
look at each other and smirk a lot. Of course, I didn't really look at Sam
very often, because he scares me. :) JK...I was looking at him and he
appeared to look straight at me and give me this really strange look. I never
looked back :) The only low point of the night was when some incredibly drunk
audience members, near the front, started singing, quite loudly I might add,
to Between the Bars...or maybe it was St. Ides Heaven, I don't quite
remember. That and the fact that there were lots of broken glasses on the
floor right beneath my feet, I thought that was really great. My
soon-to-be-husband took some amazing pictures at the show. It was swell.

Sarah :)


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