elliott chicago 5/26/00

Set List:  (thanks Righteous Cripple)
Son of Sam
Junk Bond Trader
Bled White
Everything Means Nothing To Me
Cupid's Trick
Bottle Up and Explode
In The Lost and Found
??? [ Starts off: I saw you ... ]
Stupidity Tries
Sweet Adeline
Pretty ( Ugly Before )
A Question Mark
Independence Day
Can't make A Sound
---- ENCORE ----
[ Elliott Talks about a Sock Puppet ]
Color Bars
Pretty Mary K

From: "Alma C." btrcalm@yahoo.com

I rarely post, but thought I'd muse on this past Friday.

I've only (and, may I add, I'll never get enough) seen him 6 times, but I thought Elliott was having an off-night. He just didn't seem to want to be there. a continuation of the mid-tour blues perhaps? oh, well, an elliott half there is better than 1/4 or no elliott, and there were some fine sparkly moments to make the whole experience worthwhile.

Detriti: From my claustrophobia-induced banishment to the far right front balcony (Metro had to have been overcapacity that night. people were spilled behind both bars and even behind the back wall behind the sound booth, opting to breathe, and thereby giving up on the slim chance of being able to see anything), I had the distinct pleasure of spying rebecca gates dancing around and behind elliott through the backstage door, stage left, during the minders set. Sam, by the way, got a haircut earlier that day: I saw mop-head Sam at 1:30pm outside metro talking to a curly haired blonde who turned out to be Jeff, the minders guitarist. Could it be that Sam uses that mop to disguise the fact that he can be rather pretty? :o) finally, Elliott (willie nelson t-shirt) would appear at the door periodically, beer in hand, having eyes only for Joanna. Literally. When Joanna moves back, his head turns left, she moves forward, he shifts right. I was beginning to think his forehead had some sort of taut string attached to Joanna's neck. and the way they seem to communicate via eyebrows. . . everything about elliott tells me he really loves her. And maybe her presence explained his song choices-- didn't hear much of what I like to think of as "love wronged." I was hoping to hear Everything Reminds Me of He, but with Joanna there, I didn't stand a chance. I could go on and on. But I won't (sorry if I just made anyone retch with that sappy little psycho-love-docu- drama, but I couldna help it.)

anyways, Hi to everyone I met that night who happens to be on this list. I was the roaming long haired Asian chick in the red leather jacket.

want to cross my fingers for a vienna or prague concert july but can't for carpal tunnels,


ps. does anyone know what's with the military/authority imagery in Figure 8? maybe, like me, he's watched g.i.joe the movie one too many times. ;o) nice knowing I'm not the only one with authority issues.

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