elliott austin, tx 5/6/00

Set List:  (thanks Charlie's page)
cupid's trick
junk bond trader
son of sam
ugly before
everything means nothing to me
just between us
a question mark
stupidity tries
in the lost and found
living in a cage
pretty mary kay
color bars
wouldn't mama be proud?
cant make a sound
encore #1 (with the band)
ballad of big nothing
independence day
bled white
encore #2
easy way out

From: mindfullofyou@aol.com

The Elliott Smith show on Sat was rad.

They played a super long set with 2 encores and the second being just Elliott
& his guitar. Very nice.

Played lots of stuff from Figure 8 and not a lot from XO and I don't think
anything from Roman Candle (those are the only 3 I owned then). Was a little
disappointed, didn't play Waltz #2 or No Name #1 (my absolute favorites).
I'm pretty short & couldn't see much of anything, just an occasional flash of
Elliott's head and Sam's guitar. It was Elliott in the middle, Sam on the
right, another guy on the left (sometimes playing guitar and sometimes
playing keyboards) and drums in the back.

Elliott switched guitars many times but that's the only thing he played. He
played Lost & Found although I can only remember the dreamy vocals, not much
of the music. Elliott & Sam played guitar though, definitely.

The BEST song by far was Everything Means Nothing to Me. Wow. Smooth vocals
and backups and the string parts from the keyboard fit beautifully.

The band didn't have a lot to say. Eliott said Thanks a lot and only that he
thought he may be coming down with a cold. He basically just looked sad.
But I think he just looks that way naturally. Towards the end, though he
talked a little more and even smiled a couple times.

The whole show was awesome. I remember just being so happy the whole time
simply because I was there.

We wandered over to the merch counter afterwards & they were sold out of
every cd except XO & the s/t. I desperately wanted Either/Or but picked up
the s/t instead. Bought Either/Or at Best Buy today. It was great.


Hello, I just got Figure 8 the week before last and hadn't heard any of it previously, and was a little disappointed, but not nearly as much as the guy from Pitchfork seemed. I generally like stuff that is faster and with a hard edge to it, and immediately liked Son of Sam, LA, and I think my favorite so far is Junk Bond Trader, it has such a catchy beat. Most of the other stuff didn't really grab me. However, like with all of E's earlier albums, it has been growing on me, especially since hearing him in Austin the other night. Best one his shows I've seen I was totally blown away by his solo, encore performance of Taking the Easy Way Out. It was so beautiful and powerful that I was nearly crying, and I hear it in a very different way now. I would say that Elliott can be very intense, but in such a subtle way sometimes that it is easy to miss. I am looking forward to Figure 8 growing on me some more.

Also, I really like the new drummer and keyboard guys, especially the drummer. He's strong but not overpowering like the last guy was (even if he was such a "hottie"), and complements E's style much better. Hope he keeps them around for awhile. They do need to do some more work on Independence Day though.

Well, that's my 2 cents. dr

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