elliott nashville 5/9/00

setlist (thanks megs):
son of sam
color bars
say yes
between the bars
ugly before--a new song that's kinda slow
everything means nothing to me
confusion...talk of the town--a new song(i'm pretty sure that's the name of
bled white
st.ides heaven
i me mine--beatles cover
waltx #2 (xo)
cupid's trick
question mark
wouldn't mama be proud
waltz #1
lost & found

*(i think this is nightime--it has the lyrics at the end--stay in the
center and  wait?--a new song that's kinda fast)
****from here on it was the full band all going electric--at the beginning it
was just elliott and he kept adding more people and instruments thru this
point--at this point he got the power back on

From: Chris Phillips babymac@home.com

Venue: 328 Performance Hall Definitely one of the more interesting shows I've been to! Just before Elliott was to take the stage, the house lights went down and everyone cheered. We looked around though and realized that the power had gone OUT. There were thunderstorms in the area...the power would be out for the next hour. Everyone was joking about how Elliott should do an unplugged show. That's exactly what he did. ES came onstage with an acoustic guitar and his piano player. They opened with Son of Sam...no amplification and no stage lights! The only lights were a couple of emergency lights at the back and front of the room and candles and flashlights onstage. It was beautiful! After about three or four songs, the roadies managed to get the PA, a couple of microphones, and Elliott's guitar pickup working. The power was coming from the tour bus' generator! For the next hour they played like that. Eventually his drummer came out and played brushes. Sam Coomes joined them and sang back up vocals. During Waltz #2 (XO), the power finally came back on. They took a short break and came back for the electric half of their show. It was a beautiful show overall, the only drawback was that it got extremely HOT while the power was out (no AC). Elliott complained about the heat at several points during the show. Although he did mention how fun it was to play a show that way. Here's a list of what I can remember was played in no particular order:

cupid's trick
son of sam
everything means nothing to me
bled white
in the lost and found
color bars
a question mark
i me mine (beatles cover)
wouldn't mama be proud?
St. Ides Heaven
Waltz #1
Waltz #2 (XO)
Say Yes

From: "Adam Wallace" adamw@treesntrends.com

On Tuesday, 9 May 2000, Elliott Smith finally came to Nashville, TN. What transpired that night in the dingy 328 Performance Hall is sure to become legendary.

The excitement in the club was palpable, as artists of Elliott Smith's level of interest don't come around very often. But just after 9 P.M., just as he was about to take the stage, a storm erupted outside and power to the entire neighbourhood was out. As one might imagine, everyone was THOROUGHLY bummed. But, being the consummate showman that he is, Elliott didn't even pause before grabbing only an acoustic guitar, taking the stage and playing "Son of Sam", singing at the top of his lungs without a mic. The technical crew set up a couple of flashlights at the foot of the stage so that he could be seen, which gave the performance an almost campfire sing-along feel. Then, Elliott was joined on stage by the rest of the band. They played for about an hour with piano, acoustic guitar, brushes and Sam singing harmony. When the power returned, the sound crew set up (quickly), and the band came back and played electric for about another hour.

From: "Lindsay Davis" lad2f@mtsu.edu

Amen! It's been a week since the concert, but I've finally gotten around to posting a message about it. This was my first Elliott show, and easily one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Weren't we the luckiest audience to have the power go out? I was hoping for an acoustic show anyway. The candlelit darkness and Elliott's quiet, heartbreaking music complemented each other perfectly. If only he had been feeling better! He obviously felt like crap with his cold, and not to mention the oppressive heat, but he still gave his all.

My only regret is that I didn't get to stay afterwards and tell Elliott this myself. I even had one of those nifty posters for him to sign! Alas, my friend who drove me to the concert didn't want to stand in the rain.

Just in case any of you who were there remember, I was the blonde with glasses wearing a navy blue shirt and jeans who was probably quite annoying and loud....ha ha. Can't help it, I lost my mind when Elliott came on stage!! I was standing to Elliott's left, very close to the front. I requested "Junk Bond Trader" and "Last Call" many times, but to no avail.

Here's hoping that he comes back to Nashville on the next tour, and I can finally confess my undying devotion! :-)


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