elliott los angeles 6/8/00

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From: "MikE" Nosferatu242@home.com

Hi people..
Night 2 was incredible again. Elliott seemed very happy tonight. Lots of smiles. Everything was going great 'till about halfway through the show a couple chicks tried to steal the by playin scratch hockey in the middle of us all !!! It was a totall buzz-kill, and ruined "stupidity". Well, they were stupid and i guess they were trying, but i don't know what the hell for?! How could you fight at an Elliott concert?!? The scrap went on for a good 2 or 3 minutes it seemed. Surprisingly it came and went without any security stepping in and Elliott and the guys didn't miss a beat...and I know Elliott saw the whole thing go down. All in all it was quite funny. Mr. Smith and Sam both were sporting Blazers attire.
A most triumphant show...
the invisible man

From: divisionday@webtv.net

well it is the morning after the two la shows so i thought i'd post my experience for all you lovely folks. first off i was right up front stage right both nights. i was right next to the same very nice people both nights too. elliott was amazing both nights of course. i did notice that on the second night he and joanna traded shirts back stage. it was very nice to hear cupid's trick and especially alemeda because he didnt play that when i saw his solo acoustic show at the roxy. i got lots of pictures but i did'nt use my flash once :) i must say i have never bought a shirt at a show that fits as well as this one does. thank god for those shirts!

From: "gosh i love you." marilune@earthlink.net

i think i smoke too much.

i went with my good friend jon and his girlfriend sarah and it was lots of
fun. we hung out at her house beforehand and read the new campus circle with
elliott on the cover. then we trouped out in our matching converse
all-stars. we are so fucking indie rock. we're so fucking cool.

i was sort of beaten up after two nights at sleater-kinney and my legs hurt
pretty bad and i was bummed but i was wearing too much mascara to cry.

i saw some other friends of mine and i bought sheena georgia peach a
t-shirt. some boys sold me their zine and jon brought me some chips. i love

lucky for me sarah doesn't think i'm crushing on jon anymore. so we get
along. rockunroll.

it was fun, i had a good time. but i was really tired.

i saw my friend brian andrew though! we graduated on saturday which makes us
unassailably cooler than you.

and we got drunk and celebrated our freedom.

hooray for elliott. and jon and sarah and brian andrew.

we are so yay.


From: "Melanie" nitesite@sunletter.com

After seeing this show, I really wish I'd been able to go the night before as well.

Of course, after spending the day sick from a rather nasty case of food poisoning... I wasn't even sure that I'd make it to this show. But thanks to sleep and Gatorade I made it.

The Minders were fab... not familiar with their stuff at all, but I intend to be. I was muy impressed.

Joanna (as I take it that was the tall girl in the Minders) was wearing the Blazers shirt that says SMITH 8 on the back (is that just a freaky coincidence or what?? My friend says there is indeed a player on the Blazers named Smith who's number is 8.) and when Elliott came out to play drums he was wearing a Willie Nelson shirt. When he came out to play he was wearing the Blazers shirt, and when the Minders joined him for the last song, Joanna was wearing the Willie Nelson shirt. How cute. :)

There was indeed an annoying girl fight near us... but that wasn't nearly as distracting as the balloons that kept popping and falling out from some odd collection of them overhead. Amazingly, we could hear a popping balloon over the music...

The show was possibly the best out of the five times I've seen him now. The band is incredibly tight... We had one of the best spots in the whole place. I was in almost the exact center of the floor - the sound was perfect, and I was perfectly in line with Elliott. What really made this a great spot is that it was like he was just singing to me. Now, I know from being on stage myself that you can't see past the second row of people because of lights. But Elliott has this manner of gazing straight ahead that makes it seem as though he's gazing right at you if you're in his line of vision. (Something I learned how to do many years ago when I was a drama club geek.) I love it. It made it seem almost intimate that I could see his eyes so clearly the whole time...

In The Lost And Found was especially beautiful to me. LA & Stupidity Tries also came out perfect. And no matter how many times I hear it, I never immediately recognize Cupid's Trick done full blast like that... though I think I actually like it better that way.

Got some neato window decals from the guy at the merch booth. All the posters were long gone by the time we made our way out though.

Anyway - it was a beautiful night. :)


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