elliott paris 9/29/00

set list:  (thanks Agnes)
son of sam
division day
can't make a sound
coming up roses
junk bond trader
say yes
needle in the hay
xo (written ox on the set list)
independence day
lost and found
st ides heaven (not written on the set list)
stupidity tries
everything means nothing to me

encore 1 (of course, solo acoustic)
rose parade (hum! or a least the first verse)
fond farewell
easy way out
between the bars

encore 2 (with the band)
ballad of big nothing
christian brothers

encore 3 (!!)
jealous guy

From: "Agnes Languedoc" <alanguedoc@ifrance.com>

at the beginning, someone asked Elliott to make a smile and his answer was 'i am smiling' and he made a big smile in the microphone.
before 'can't make a sound', he asked if we liked oranger and has we said yes, he said 'so buy their album' and then Mike (Oranger's guitarist) and Jim (Oranger's drummer) came on stage to play with the band.
during the solo in 'needle in the hay', Elliott started walking backwards and he almost fell on one of Sam's "amp" (the one to hear back the sound). so he took off his guitar like he would stop the song but he came to the microphone and sang the end. finally he put back his guitar and played the outro. and he almost fell a second time at the beginning of 'ballad opf big nothing' because his jack was around his ankle.
about his guitars, he didn't play the acoustic yamaha he had in april but an acoustic Gibson. and his pickups are white fender's medium (got one!).

what i forgot last time:
Elliott wore his navy t-shirt "inside outside". my theory: he didn't
have any clean t-shirt left so he took one at
the merchandising and didn't want to be seen wearing an Elliott Smith
a guy gave him a tape when he came back for the second encore. he told
us to buy oranger's album a second time
towards the end.
i saw him at 4.30 and he talked with the 3 or 4 people (ok, i admit,
there were only girls) that were already there,
just in front of the venue. and at 11.15, when he came out of the venue,
about twenty persons were waiting to take
photos (Jim from oranger was shouting 'cheese!' to him, across the
street), to ask him to sign stuff, and he did it
quite amused (i didn't see his face because i didn't come around him but
a friend told me how he looked). my friend,
whom i had gave the secong pickup i had got, asked him to sign the
pickup and he made a play on words while doing
so 'it's not an esay way out'.
i think that's all this time.

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