elliott los angeles 11/5/01


Set List:  (thanks,??)

Let's get lost *(stopped half way through)
Don't go down
Passing Feeling
Strung out again
Pretty (ugly before)
True love
Shooting star
Somebody's baby
Little one
Fond farewell

From: <threetwo@earthlink.net>

the show rocked.
the night overall rocked. I got the highest score on the crappy pinball machine at Spaceland that I've ever gotten, over twice the replay, and I was right up front to see elliott. AND THEN I got invited to be someone's +1 for the Wiltern show and post party this Friday. Life is so good.

Silly thing about the "secret" show... it really wasn't a secret at all. They announced it a lot on kxlu, the college radio station and I heard from a friend they also announced it on kcrw, the public radio station. I bet the industry info came from dreamworks, not Spaceland. I think the folks I confirmed the show with heard it from dreamworks.

Elliott didn't play an encore. that seemed a little weird but I'd guess he doesn't get to play an encore at the wiltern show and I'll bet he plays the exact same set on Friday as he played last night. since there are so many people playing Friday, he probably only gets to play for 30-40 minutes, hence the short set last night. The woman sitting on stage was pretty interesting. I'd assume his girlfriend. She had papers with her that she flipped through as he finished songs. I'm guessing the lyrics or music and lyrics written out in case he needed it. She would sometimes sing along as if meditating the parts into elliott's brain. Elliott didn't really look over at her much, I guess cause he seemed to be handling it okay, but it's interesting that she was there just in case. I thought he played and sang well. He played fond farewell last at both the Silverlake lounge show in February and last night. do you think that's his favorite of his new songs? I usually play my favorite song last. hummm.

I'd guess Elliott likes to play at Spaceland cause it's in his neighborhood. the Silverlake lounge and Spaceland are about a half mile apart and both have a strong community vibe. If I were famous and could play almost anywhere, I'd want to play at those 2 places too. They're great, even though the sound at Spaceland is often weird and the sound board at the Silverlake lounge is, I swear, the size of a 4-track.

From: Cnurell@aol.com

HERE we go... my take...

(sorry it took soo long, been crazy busy today)...

Elliott wore his Stevie Wonder shirt (for those who always care. hee hee. NO gold lame Steven... I don't think its his style... perhaps plaid go go shorts and argyle socks, but NOT leopard or gold lame.)

"That girl" on the stage is THE SAME girl he's been with forever it seems (or at least since I moved out here)... I am 99.9% sure thats his girlfriend folks... and I LIKE her. I think he seems VERY happy with her, and although being in the corner and Yoko-fied (LOL, ok, sorry to bring that topic up again... hee hee... actually one of my friends said that) was a little silly... but whatever floats his/her/their boats, ya know? She seems upbeat and normal, caring and supportive... and not in an icky way. And that's all I have to say about that.

Elliott looks healthy and happy himself. Last night seemed a bit utilitarian though, not enough half smiles and smirks for my taste. AND NO WAVE AT THE END! But he played everything to completion (except for the first which was a sound problem... yep, the sound was HORRID, AND there was a buzzing ALL NIGHT LONG, gawd. but what can you do... I DO like the ambience there and sheesh.. it was free!) and all "new" songs. (So odd to think that Silverlake Lounge was so long ago... a lot of the same songs).

It was a bit weird the way he whisked off the stage like that. For a moment there, when he left his guitar, we were thinking it was so they could tune it... although Elliott tunes his own guitars, usually, so... what a weird feeling for us in the audience though. WITH BATED BREATH we waited...

I'd like to think on some higher level that last night wasn't just a "dress rehearsal" but also a concert for those who aren't dishing out the $50 for Fri's concert... (although I'll be there.. yee!)... this one was for the masses.

The talking was SO COMPLETELY annoying, yes. I was smack up against the stage though (as always-- would you expect less of me?) and it was still such a fragile sound. Can't wait to hear it at the Wiltern.

So... I finally met Michelle (after HOW MANY MONTHS?) who is such an upbeat sunshine-y person... and Jeff and I were there playing cards for hours before (he's the Crazy8s champ, I hold the title for Spit).

and hey, next time WAYNE, perhaps you need to introduce yourself to the gang, kiddo! I have my suspicions as to which 'stranger' you were :)

Last night inspired one of my friends to expand his Elliott library.. he already has XO, and now he's gonna go for my alltime fav-- Eithor/Or. Yep.

Once again, I gotta thank Amy for alerting us all... YAY Ames... you made my night TWICE in one week.. all the way from Chicago... swell.


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