July 12, Olympia, WA -- Midnight Sun


Date sent: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 12:31:47 -0400 (EDT)

From: Guineaworm@aol.com

Subject: Olympia 7/12

Hi All,

Saw the fibbers again last night in Olympia. they played this place called Midnight Sun. It was the smallest "club" I have ever seen. I use the term "club" loosely, for it had no stage (band set up on the floor), no bar, no food, even no bathroom. It was just a storefront, nope it was more like a living room. And what was cool about it was that the fibbers treated it that way. Carla and Jessica both played barefoot and the place had a very relaxed feel. Very different from the Portland show where everyone was standing ready to rock. The "club" was packed (I counted 32) and the band played a similar set to that of the Portland show. Just about everything off of Butch and Lillybelle. CArla had major guitar problems. Her favorite guitar busted after the first song (Toybox) and for the rest of the night had troubles keeping her other one in tune. Lots of fuckups, though they were beautiful ones :) To cap off the show she wanted to end it with "Hands on the wheel". One of the reasons they have focused on the new stuff for the tour is that I guess the band is very rusty with the older stuff. The song choice took the band by surprise and after having to start over twice, it was a most wonderful way to end the night. It made the drive back to Portland easy at 2AM. I was smiling all the way . . .. .

Tonight . . . Eugene!




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