July 19, Los Angeles


Set List:  (partial)


Trashman in Furs
I Killed the Cuckoo

Date sent: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 16:08:49 -0400 (EDT)

From: PageTwo@aol.com

Subject: El Rey

I am so glad that I ended up going to last night's show at the El Rey. I wasn't going to go because my sister was having a party at my parents' house which I'm housesitting (I do feel a bit guilty for leaving because when I got back in this afternoon I found that my 4 month old black kitten had somehow emerged from the festivities with singed eyebrows).

Anyway, the two words that keep popping into my head about the show are transcendent and cathartic. Wow! I think the highlight for me was Butch. I always liked that song, but live, with not one but two violinists, it was simply amazing. I was totally entranced by the sound. I felt as though I could be floating on a cloud above the audience (this is definitely why the word transcendent kept sticking in my brain). What an incredible vibe! Trashman In Furs also took on added beauty live. It sent shivers through my body unlike anything I've heard since the first time I saw Nirvana Unplugged. Then there was the fury of I Killed The Cuckoo which leaps at you like a panther live. And Toybox which I think you can truly grasp on an emotional level when you see it live versus just hearing it on the record.

I was thinking that most of my favorite bands, when they lose a member, lose something for me. Live with the Fibbers that was not the case at all. I don't think they miss Jessy at all and Nels brings something different to the band that very much gels with the Fibbers sound and even adds levels to it. The last time I saw the Fibbers play on a stage that size with Nels (when he was just filling in for Daniel) I think he was more restrained in his playing. This time, able to cut loose, and as a full-fledged member of the band, I thought he really helped the sound fill up the room - one of the things I loved about seeing the Fibbers play in a small club and felt was lacking that last time.

The only song that I wished they would have played was Kiss of Fire, otherwise all my favorites were represented. I'm so glad they're still playing Richard. The vibe in that song, if you can hook into it, is so incredible. I know for one of my friends that was the song that made him rush out and buy Lost... and why he was there last night.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet anyone last night. I did get to meet Mike Watt which was very cool as I've loved him and the Minutemen since I first heard them like 15 years ago on a Rodney On The ROQ compilation (what a great one it was since it also had Redd Kross, another of my favorite bands). But I digress... Anyway, by the end of the evening I was sufficiently drunk (remind me that next time people buy me shots I need to make sure they're all be the same kind of alcohol!) that I had someone drive me and my car to the next party. Didn't stick around to kibitz. Haven't had that much fun at a show in ages.... It made me remember why I love music!


Date sent: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 20:44:32 -0400 (EDT)

From: BoyKevin69@aol.com

Subject: Re: El Rey

The El Rey show was an absolute piece of art....

1) I really liked the first opening band (whatever their name was). The song dedicated to the Fibbers was great (if not just a tad YokoOno-esque).

2) Sorry, didn't care much for Clawhammer, or whatever the name was....I tried to sleep through it. Feh!!

3) The Fibbers....oh my....aside from the drunken asshole trying to get in front of me, and the 2 drunken assholes (scuze my french) right directly behind me, screaming at the top of their lungs "Carla!", and "Whooooo", the show was pretty good. I, too, wish they would have played Kiss Of Fire, but you can't have everything. I did chuckle, when somebody screamed "Jessy!", and Carla corrected him with, "Her name is JESSICA". Nels is a joy to watch, the man is nothing but sheer talent, (Sorry, but Daniel who?).

The duet at the end with Nels and Carla was beautiful....

Oh, and Nels accidently hitting Jessica when he was jumping around was funny, too.

They should cancel the rest of the tour and play in LA for the rest of the summer. Sorry, I'm selfish.

There's more to comment on, but I'm sleepy.


Date sent: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 21:44:18 -0500

From: space alien <amy@flex.net>

Subject: home again.

Okay I just got back from LA about an hour ago, and my house was way too clean so I've since had time to throw all my smokey smelling clothes and other belongs on the floor and I'm confortable once again. :) Ahh.. so anyway, let me just say that it was wonderful meeting so many of the list people (Purplebolt, Randall, Juli, Sean, Gary, Plagueguy, Brett, Doug, and a ton of other non-list people. Too bad you couldn't make it Sydney, I had to talk to those horrible people at your hotel, AGAIN! I think it was the same person I got last year too. Ack!) for the first time and some of you, hello again. I saw the Foothill and El Rey shows, both of which were excellent, but I thikn I could have done w/o Clawhammer.. I'd heard parts of their CD and oh geez it was worse than I thought! I honestly didn't think that was possible. I was reduced to ducking my tail and plugging my ears. Thank god for nice, friendly, stay-behind-the-fire-lane/get-out-if-you-don't-have-a-wrist-band securtiy guards with earplugs to spare. I did love seeing the Polar Goldie Cats though. I've wanted to see them for a while, but never have. It was quite good... what I saw of it at least. I took pictures at both the foothill and El Rey shows, so I hope those turned out well and I will scan and post those hopefully sometime this week for everyone. So to sum it up, I had an *excellent* time and can't wait to make it out to LA again. I rather like it there. Okay,that's all for now, bye all. -amy





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