Oct. 30, Los Angeles -- The Palace


From: <Ronald E Hansen>

Subject: geraldine concert @ the palace

Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 15:02:36 -0600

Hey everybody,

I owe it to the Geraldine Fibbers to tell my story now!! well Luz Daniel and I got to the Palace at 3:00!! I was so nervous!!! I've met Carla before and I've yold all of you the story when I first got on this list. Anyway, I had my letter ready and my Butch ready.We were the ony fans there that early. I was nervous because I was so scared everything would go wrong or Carla would be annoyed by me or something.

So at about 5:00 Kevin and Leyna showed up in this van with a little trailer attached to it. I went up to him and asked him to sighn my cd cover. He was happy to!! I totally didn't know what to say, but he was the one talking. He introduced himself "Hi I'm Keven" I was like "I know" He said I looked familiar and I told him I've been to many shows before. He wrote "See Emily Play" inside my cover and he drew on his picture. The only thing I could think of saying was "You guys are really really really Good" How dumb!!!!! So he saw that I had aletter for Carla and said she'd be there soon.

Next William came. I asked to sign my cover and he sai I looked familiar. I told him the same thing I told Kevin. Then he said Emily was one of his favorite names. I blushed. He asked me if I was an Emily he met 5years ago. Of course I wasn't. Then he asked me if I knew what "See Emily Play was?" I didn't. He told me it was from a Pink floyd song and said I should check it out. On the cover of Butch he drew a face over the girl. He wrote "MLE it's not too late."

Then a few minutes later the goddess showed up!!!!!!!! She was wearing a sweater,jeans and sunglasses, no makeup. She looked soooooo cute!!!! I asked "Carla will you sign this" And she said "Sure but I really have to pee" I was like "sure" So she promised to come back. After about 10 minutes I was really worried that she forgot about me but sure enough she came back. She introduced her self and once again said i looked familiar. I gave her the letter and she was like "Is this you ?" pointing to my name on the front. It was sort of a joke I guess.

She sat down and looked at what her band members wrote. She laughed at how William deafaced the Butch girl and asked me if I knew who Ace Frehley was. I didn't know so she said he was from Kiss. She said "We're big Kiss fans" the i told her she could write whevere she wanted to. she asked "Can I sign on the cd" I said "Yeah but can I still play" She said "of course" She sat down and made her self comfortable. I told he rhow I first met her at the Patti smith concert. She said she rememberd that. Then I told her how she signed my bam magazine cover with her blood she was like"gross!" she started shaking the liquid silver and it squirted everywhere.It was funny. she wrote "For Emily a fellow Patti Lover (heart) carla" she then wrote on the cover "Ace Frehley"and drew the Kiss symbol. she kept saying" "I'm really messing it up"

She introduced herself to Daniel and My best friend Luz. She was there talking to us for like 10 minutes. she was sitting right across from me and she saw all Luz's homework spread on the ground. shae asked "homework?" she asked when we got there and was amazed at the time. She saw that i had a million Butch stickers( a guy told us to hand them out) I said "You want one?" She took one and stuck it to the Cement! She then said that she hoped the show would be good. I told her f course it would . She said she wasn't sure because of the sound. I told about the guy on the list that told me to stand away fromt the front of the stage, but I told her I was going to be right in the front!!! As she left she said "You should definitly be in the front" Of course. then she left.

She was in the best mood I have ever seen her in . one of the nicest people you'd want to meet!!! all through the show too she was in a great mood!!!!!!!!!

I got to get ready for school now but my story isn't finished!!


P.sMichelle I'll email you soon Love ya!!!!

From: <Anthony Kibort>

Subject: step right up...

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 02:59:14 -0600


The Grand Tour!


And Leyna really shined! She has her own distinct style and she's able to do some great things to the sound of the songs that are uniquely hers. I really heard it on Lillybelle and she was amazing in that jam that ended You Doo and on Marmalade and The French Song. It's like... the training period is over now let me show you what I can do.

Anyway, it was great to be able to get impressions like that even in distorted mono and watching what sometimes seemed to be still pictures. (Though it was so cool when the video all of a sudden worked correctly... not that the quality was amazing but it was like thesestill figures were suddenly coming to life on my computer screen.)

I really hope it's archived just so I can show my friends how great they are... and just so the Nels/Carla "Outside of Town" is saved for prosperity. That was beautiful. The whole thing was quite fun despite the goofy DJ asking Carla about negativity.

It's 3AM in New York... and it feels just like high noon in my head right no, but I'm going back to the bed that I left at 12:45 after three hours of sleep. So what did you all think?


From: <amy>

Subject: Re: Cybercast

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 16:37:47 -0600

Well, over all I was impressed with the cybercast. The last cybercast I saw (about a year ago) was audio only, and just plain tiresome to listen to. Real Audio has come a long way! It was actually clear (somewhat.) I enjoyed the show. Leyna & Nels completely amazed me. She really does add her own touch to the songs, just the small things that she added made me smile. And I probably need to be slapped, but even though I've seen Nels play with them numerous times, and have _Butch_ practically memorized, it never really hit me until I heard him playing some of _Lost..._ what he adds to the songs. I've always been impressed with his playing, but I guess I was just too distracted with whatever was going on around me or with flashing my camera to focus my attention on his playing alone. What he did with "The Grand Tour"... :) I liked the setlist, a nice mix, and Marmalade was back in! I'm afraid that I missed most of "Outside of Town," my computer started performing "illegal functions." RealPlayer shut itself down and refused to open again, and I didn't get it back in functioning order until too late.

With all of my gushing, you'd think I saw the show in something besides a two inch grainy video square. :) I paid close attention. The interview(er) was just plain annoying. "What's your favorite color?"






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