Dec. 13, San Diego -- Casbah


From: Sonostink <>

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 16:03:07 EST

Subject: Re: footill & casbah: general observations

Amy--Tim Mays is a complete jerk. You're holding back.


We got there what we thought was late--8:30--I always forget nothing ever starts on time at the Casbah. So, yeah, we stood outside freezing, and I've been really sick, so it kinda sucked--but, we were the first ones in the door, so for the first time in my life, we were able to get actual chairs at the place---we just kinda hung out drinking pear cider(too yummy to be safe to drink)and then Bill(he's new to the list as of this weekend)came up and we started talking--he's really nice. He said he took his wife to the show the night before and she said the Fibbers were "better than Led Zeppelin."---GREAT!!!

I was telling Bill and Jim about who Glen Meadmore is when he and his band walked in--with my dearly insane friend Vaginal Davis, who presided as Mistress of Ceremonies for the rest of the evening, which was fantastic--the Casbah has this generally over-aggressive hetero-boy Saturday night crowd thing, and between Vag carrying on as only she can, and Glen singing "I know you wanna love me but you think I'm too queer" they had all those guys teeth completely on edge, which was hilarious. Glen is a great guitar player, and his band is tight--I wish people would get over the truly unimportant stuff and just dig the music.

And the Eyeliners!!! Three women from (I knew I should have taken that left turn at)Alberquerque, NM--total 3 chord punk rock--and the drummer/singer beating the shit out of her drum set as if her life depended on it--they were so good--I picked up the cd at the show--you guys should be able to get at just about any indie store--it's called "Confidential" and it's on Sympathy for the Record Industry--the guitar player was so cool--when I was buying the cd from her, I noticed she had the same Cramps pin I had on my jacket, and so I commented on it, and she handed me some Eyeliners pins--I love kind people!!

So, once they were finished, Jim and I went to search the Fibbers out--we found Kevin first--I told him thank for making the one real album that came out this year--he smiled really big and said thanks--we sort of sniped about how pathetic it was that Hanson was the musical guest on SNL that night--and that it had been the Spice Girls a couple of weeks before that--he said we shouldn't make fun of the Spice Girls because they're on the same label!!

Ergh--I have to go back to work--I'll finish this up later---promise!!


From: "Andy Paciocco" <>

Subject: Re: footill & casbah: general observations

Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 13:47:15 PST

i don't remeber the exact order of the songs either, but they look the same as the setlist at the foothill. except they played small song after lilybelle and before outside o' town. as far as the show as a whole i don't know what i could add to what's been said, only that it was concentrated bliss. one thing that made me laugh- after lilybelle, carla started playing some song on her guitar then stopped, joking that "I was showing her how to play it." then she settled back in at the mic. well, you know the loud sudden drum intro to small song, i guess kevin started it without much of a warning. Right when he started Carla's whole body jolted, her eyes bugged halfway out of her head, and she had this adorable little smirk on her face. it was priceless. she managed to gather herself in time to play the first verse, but after she finsihed singing the first verse, she stopped. eventually, so did the rest of the band. they restarted, but i guess carla was ready this time, no full body shakes with the intro.

btw- i'm not positive, but i think that she dedicated cal tuffy to her mom, not lilybelle as someone mentioned earlier (sorry, forgot who it was). not that it matters.

lovingly reminiscing about the show,




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