Nov. 23, New York City -- Brownies


Set List:

California Tuffy
You Doo Right
I Killed the Cuckoo
Trashman in Furs
Small Song
The Grand Hour
Encore:   Lilybelle
       Outside of Town

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Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 13:15:41 -0500 (EST)


Subject: re: nyc shows


See also November 21


Sundays show was also wonderful but it seemed like the band was a little tired. (on paper the drive from nyc to boston looks easy but in reality it's rather draining.. especially when the roads are wet). Carla's existential joker seemed to be too sleepy to be aroused and i think the sauna like atmosphere of the small sold-out club wore the band down. Still, their performance as a whole seemed more consistent than friday night. And of course it was great meeting more of the people who contribute to this list.

From: "Rowan" <>

Subject: brownies show (Rowan's Review)

Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 14:45:07 -0600

geraldine fibbers

november 24, 1997 [november 23]


169 Ave. A, NY NY (East Village)

review and general account of the show by Rowan

i saw the show a couple of nights ago, and was going to wait til i was back home to dallas to write something, but i'm sure there are some good details i'll forget between now and then. anyway, i'm at my mom's in new jersey, for the thanksgiving holiday, so i got to see the fibbers for the second time and this time in a place way more happening than the galaxy club in deep ellum.

i got there at about 7pm and was of course way early but still, it was ok because anthony kibort was there already and we got to hang out for a while. the bartender was a nice dubliner who made me a drink when i asked for something sweet, and he put together something with citron and various other liquors. He did not know if it had a name or not. As i was standing at the bar puckering from my nameless drink, guitargodnelscline walked over with a styrofoam container of what looked like cream of mushroom soup. I struck up a conversation, and when i offered my hand to shake, he spilled some of his soup on himself in an effort to return my greeting. i was mortified. i apologized profusely and he replied, "i don't think it was you, it was me" to which i said, "either way, i'm very sorry."

next i talked with kevin, who was as always extremely friendly and real. he seemed perturbed about some rumor which had been posted on AOL about how the band was mean to people, and especially Jessy Green, and they lost their management because of being difficult, etc. I told him that as the band gets more popular there will be more posts like that, and he said he knew that, but this post in particular bothered him because they felt that they knew who the culprit was. kevin doesn't have a computer, he doesn't browse the web or get email, but he does thank any of us who have stood by the band online and made an effort to kill the rumors.

next i asked some of the band and what i assume is their new manager, Rachel, if it would be ok to take pictures, and they all said it was fine, as long as it wasn't continuous flashing right in their face. then leyna and carla and a tall blond guy were sitting next to me at the bar so i felt like that might be a good photo opp, so i take out this monstrous camera my dad loaned me for the occasion, and they posed for me and everything, and right then, mortifying moment #2 took place. I could not get the camera to work. carla laughed, and asked me if that's the camera i was going to take pictures with during the show. i said yes, and she shook her head, still laughing. leyna took the camera from me, aimed it at carla, and of course, it flashed and worked like a charm. she gave it back to me and said she just pressed the same button i had been pressing. i must have been emitting some strange electrical energy because of the five or so times i tried to take this picture, it only worked twice. so, I did get a couple of nice ones. i think nels is in one of them.

strange eerie funny life-imitates-art moment: carla is on stage setting up and suddenly says, "Fire! I smell FIRE!" and the bartender, in his irish brogue says, "oh, it's only this case here, it's gotten scorched a bit by a candle, it's fine now." It turned out to be Leyna's violin case, and Carla walks over to look at it, and she says, "It's the video come to life. It's the video. Only it's for real."

so jeffrey (ouch), anthony and i are standing around and i'm getting anxious because i can't stand still for very long without some sort of distraction, and the fibbers won't be on til 1030, and the first two bands will only mildly amuse me, so i ask jeffrey if he would like to walk to St. Marks to kill some time. Anthony wanted to stay to see the first band. So we go to St Marks, and get slightly lost and talk about the list, the band, new york, dallas, minneapolis, etc. and i get a volcanically hot cup of coffee and a marshmallow rice crispy treat at some shop called Moondog. when we got back to brownies, the first band was on, and then the second band was on, and i managed to drink two more cocktails of ambiguous origin. i start to make my way up front and meet up with meg whom we all know for her Ada Byron page, and her husband, and we have a great conversation about collaborating on some female-angst fiction, and in particular a piece we are going to call "Piss Bunny". well anyway, Meg lets me sit on the stool where she was sitting, once again confirming her goddess-status, and i manage to eventually work my way up to sitting on the ledge protruding from the wall, on which many drinks are perched, and resting my feet on the stool. i'm drunk, floating above the leather-clad lisa-loeb-ish crowd, and getting very, very hot. there is a heating pipe right behind me and i have no room to move away from it. so sweat is dripping down my back and i'm starting to feel like maybe, just maybe, i might pass out, but i don't. the only bad thing about this really good spot i had, besides the hot pipe up my ass, was the fact that the way brownies is set up, the drummer is really hard to see, he's way in back and far off to the right, so kevin was completely hidden by the speaker from my vantage point.

here's the songs i can remember: first, they played tuffy. i know they played marmalade, yoo doo right, toybox, cuckoo, butch, trashman, the small song, the grand tour (in no particular order) and the encore was lilybelle and outside of town (in that order). at the end of the show, miss pussycat showed up and carla got all happy and asked her to come up on the stage, and introduced her and gave her a sweet kiss, and i got a picture of the two of them but unfortunately not the actual kiss.

I really hate that when I'm actually there at the show and the band is playing I start to kind of freak out inside, like I can't believe I'm really there, so I'm not as tuned in as I want to be, so I can't tell you if this show was better, worse, or the same as the dallas show for any particular reason. If anyone reading this is going to be at the austin show Monday night, just walk up to me and smack me really hard so I can pay attention. I'm not sure I'll be there but if I am I don't want to be stuck in this strange fibber-induced reverie if I am.

yes i know, this wasn't really a review, more of a personal account of that night, but like i said, i was in lala land. I got pictures so I'll scan them and put them on my page eventually.



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