Nov. 1, San Francisco -- Bimbos


From: <o.vigil>

Subject: bimbo's

Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 19:27:24 -0600

{set lurker_mode = off} did any fibberites see the fibbers in s.f?? we (mark, leo, and i) used the fibber concert as an excuse to drive to s.f ( a great excuse at that). the show was of course great, i think the playlist was pretty much the same as the l.a show. did the peechees opened for them at the palace also? they were an okay band, the cool part was that while the peeches were doing their thang to the left of us was kevin..then about halfway through the peechees set i heard a thunder of a voice, turn to my right, and carla was there! they were both being really supportive, clapping and screaming cheering after every song...i dont know if its good or bad but i think i paid more attention to nels than i did to carla, that guy is just amazing!!... carla was having problem with a blue light that was on her, she wanted it off, some dumbasses at the controls didnt/couldnt turn it off, so during butch i think she moved behind bill to sing, then she told them again to turn it off, so they turned all of the lights off, and they just had a white light right in fron of them.. weird and funny...okay all {set lurker_mode = on}



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