elliott portland 9/17/98


Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 20:03:20 -0700

From: diopter@teleport.com

E.J.'s was packed for the Quasi/Elliott show on Thursday night. I got there at 6:30 (doors at 8:30) thinking it would sell out really early. I ended up sitting in my car until almost 8:00, because nobody was there. Then, when people finally started coming, they lined up at the wrong door. A few us were at the right door, but most people were convinced the other place was correct. When somebody came out and told the others to move, about 8:25, the group was pissed when we wouldn't make room for them at the front of the correct line. It was satisfying to know that once in my life I picked the right line.

We ran into a couple friends, one of whom is in a GbV cover band with the Rocket writer, John Chandler, who did the recent Elliott article/interview. He was telling me that Elliott's written like 8 new songs. They played at least one of them last night.

The show was supposed to start at 9:00. It started about 10:30. I, luckily, thought to get in the very front, right away, when everyone was fixated on getting beer, so I had a front row "seat". Because of that, I ran on stage after the show, and grabbed Sam's setlist. I'll post it below.

Quasi's set was great, as usual. I've seen them by themselves four times and four times w/Elliott. It was a good set last night. I guess I'd say it was better than Seattle. The set was almost exactly the same. They played "California", "Happy Prole", "I Give Up", "Our Happiness is Guaranteed", "Smile", "You Fucked Yourself" and that great Sam song that they played in Seattle the night before, and I think they also played it at the Seattle Sleater-Kinney show (sorry for the horrible run on sentences here). I just adore Sam's vocals in that song. I don't know if it's also on the new Quasi single, that KRS just put out about a month ago. They played another new song, at least I think it was new.

Sam was sort of funny, because some dumbfuck looked at their watch near the end of the set. Sam saw them and said, "o.k. we only have a couple more....somebody just looked at their watch, in the fucking front row..." I thought it was great he called someone at it. I was sort of glad I wasn't even wearing a watch.

Elliott came out right after that. That was sort of nice, for both the Seattle and this show, since they started so damn late. Elliott's set started right after the Quasi solo set. Elliott was incredible as usual. I love the Quasi backing. I always love Quasi backing him, but this new material is so good with a band. I much prefer this stuff, with Quasi backing, than the _either/or_/Division Day stuff. Janet and Sam's vox really add to this too. The older stuff was really helped by their instruments, with the vox being a nice touch. This _XO_ stuff is really good w/the whole complement, vox and instruments.

A little aside about Elliott's set: there was a really annoying guy who actually got on stage during both Quasi's and Elliott's sets, and took pictures. It was during Elliott's final solo three songs. Elliott, very obviously, gave him a weird look and scrunched up his nose, almost rolling his eyes. If that guy's reading this -- that was really TACKY!!

Here's the Elliott set list, in order, straight from the setlist: "Give Me Love" (George Harrison cover) "XO" "Bottle Up and Explode" "Pictures of Me" "Stupidity" (I don't think this was a cover, and Elliott actually said the full title, when somebody asked what it was, but I don't remember what it was) "Bled White" "Ballad of Big Nothing" "Independence Day" "Speed Trials" "Sweet Adeline" "Question Mark" "Division Day" "New (Tom's Start)" Elliott only encore: (all by request) "I Didn't Understand" "Pitselah" "Baby Britain" I leave for the San Francisco shows tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. I'll let everyone know how they are. Bye, --janice


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